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Matthew Fitzgibbons

Since 2004, Matt Fitzgibbons has been writing award winning music that inspires people to think, learn and talk about individual liberty. He believes that the simple but timeless principles in our founding documents are not only the reason our Republic is the longest standing, freest nation in history, but that they offer the solution to our Republic’s current challenges.

“I think we ought to spread the word... (His music is) really good and it does say something.” Sally Jessy Raphaël

Fitzgibbons has released four albums which have received many honors including two ASCAPlus awards, a song featured in a documentary on the Right to Bear Arms, a second place award in an Irish protest songwriting contest for his song “Whiskey” (about the U.S. Whiskey Rebellion), and most recently an Honorable Mention in the 2016 SongDoor International Songwriting Competition and the Best Short Film Award (Adult 25+) from Constituting America for his video “Why the U.S. Constitution is Relevant Today”, among many others. In well over a hundred interviews across the country and abroad, Fitzgibbons is also recognized as a philosopher/historian with the ability to speak on a variety of subjects. He is a regular guest on many shows from coast to coast and has reached millions of people with his positive, non-partisan message that “Liberty equals tolerance and must be granted to others in order to be received”.

“I love talking to this guy. Matt is quite the historian… And a heck of a musician too!” 10/24/16 Tron Simpson, AM 740 KVOR, CO

Written, recorded, produced, and published by Fitzgibbons, his music combines unforgettable melodies and modern sounds with poignant lyrics to convey the simple truths that are as revolutionary today as they were at our Republic’s founding. All four of his CDs have received national airplay and excellent reviews nationwide. Fitzgibbons sings, plays guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and harmonica as well as featuring other musicians. In live shows ranging from television, festivals, music clinics, public and private organizations, house parties, etc., Fitzgibbons usually plays acoustic guitar while singing and playing harmonica but his act varies from solo unplugged acoustic sets to a full electric band, as appropriate, including opening festivals by singing the National Anthem a cappella.

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"Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Music"
Kellie Lambert McGuire, Republican American

"In addition to the tasteful, tuneful and infinitely listenable tracks I've come to expect, "Entitled" had some downright tasty surprises.
Andy Rice, Program Director, KPMX FM, CO

"The record has an overall earthy tone, and shines as a modern school of rock for the masses. And it is quite bridging; a track like “Different in your Eyes” takes a John Mellencamp-style Americana love story but makes the happy couple decidedly liberal and conservative."
Jack Coraggio, Litchfield County Times, CT (Newspaper)

"The variety at which (Matt Fitzgibbons) can approach the music is impressive. (He’s) able to do melodic and poetic, and then something that’s a little like a sharp stick to the eye. Most musicians do one thing. It’s impressive that he can do so many."
Dale Jones, Program Director, WZBG FM, CT

"Great Music and Great Message, rarely do you find both, but Matt Fitzgibbons succeeds at it continually. Love to spin his tunes!!!"
Mary Dunham King, MuseBoatRadio (Podcast)

"Less concerned with the financial implications of giving away his hard work for free, he aims to inspire the masses to movement through his music."
Republican American, CT (Newspaper)

“It's super! It sounds terrific!” Tom Monahan Connecticut Newsmakers, NBC 30 (On "Patriot 2: A Celebration of Liberty"

“I think we ought to spread the word... (His music is) really good and it does say something.” (On "Patriot")
Sally Jessy Raphaël, The Sally Jessy Raphaël Radio Show

"This is a testament to what it is to be an American" (On "Patriot" and "Patriot 2: "A Celebration of Liberty")
Andy Rice, Program Director KPMX-FM, Sterling, CO

“(His) songs are all essentially about our government, our troops and the war, yet (his) music isn't political.” (On "Patriot")
Teresa Pelham, The Hartford Courant, Hartford, CT

"True American music to enlighten the masses ."
Aaron Zellman, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (Hartford, WI)

"It's sending chills up my spine." (On "Patriot")
Cato Craft, Radio Free Liberty

"...a cross between folk and rock music, with a pointed message that is depicted in the poetic, strongly worded lyrics..."
New Milford Times (New Milford, CT) Newspaper

"[He's] somehow managed to write patriotic music without its being hokey or Americana."
The Hartford Courant (Hartford, CT) Newspaper

"The production and musicianship is first rate, a quality independent release. (On Patriot 2: "A Celebration of Liberty")
"Marty Dodge, Blog Critics, London

"... the lyrics are combined with a dramatic mix of celestial soundscapes."
News-Times (Danbury, CT) Newspaper