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Growing up I never knew how important music would be to me, honestly I was in a studio before I could consciously think. I used to watch my dad and uncles rap and either great grandmother sing or even my grandmother that plays piano. I used to always listen to music while I was young and thought about how to say something different from what I heard and manipulated my own version in my mind. Then I actually sat down and said "I can do this...its not that hard" and wrote my first song in 2006. I was always into poetry coming up in elementary school, mainly because of the fact my mom was a poet so I guess it just came natural. My brother and I sat down one day and I said let's write a song, but it wasn't until 2007 when we finally recorded our first song "Declared" and even at a young age our dad new we had potential. That's what pumped us up to create our first group "Da-Boyz". We made a couple of songs and did a couple of shows in 2007. Time flew quickly, and 2009 came around the corner. I decided since my brothers weren't as motivated as me at that point I would talk to my dad about something new I wanted to do. I felt like my craft was being limited and I had to keep going and try to express my self better. I later on created a group with my cousin Tyrell and one of my old best friends Armando. He liked to make music but he was never ready to record or anything when the time came. We then came up with the groups "Swag Gang" then "Rex Gang" and ended up with "Swagg Gang Rex Gang". At this point we were being as creative as we wanted to be. We would try to remix things and even dropped a little video called "The Adventures of SGRG". Slowly we pushed away from that name to "Longview Ent." named after the street we mainly spent our time. From there our style and music grew, I started producing all of our stuff at a young age even teaching my family how to do what I did. I didn't have a problem with metaphors just sound quality at that point. I just constantly did research on how to improve our sound, quality, and effects. I always tried to ask producers I previously worked with that didn't know how to do what I wanted to do so I taught my self how to do it and later on started getting into beat making but branched further off into filming and video producing. I figure why not be the jack of all trades. Everyday I try to become better than I was yesterday. Music to me is not just catchy melodies or beats, it's about the story and the sound of the expression of what we say. Music is a place in my mind where there is endless songs waiting to be made and also stocking up on new vibes and sounds. At a young age I loved conscious music, as in not just flashy or bragging but hearing real motivation or real pain within the song. My biggest influences are my dad and my uncle of course but J Cole, Drake, Eminem, Chief Keef, Logic, Nas, Kendrick Lamar, even Justin Beiber. I don't just listen to music...I feel it. When I hear myself I hear me. I try to use what I hear as an advantage and try to go harder than they could have. I go by Mayhem because of where I'm from and all the things I've been thru, and what I plan on causing when you hear my music.