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Meridian 65

About Meridian 65

Lee Saldivar: Vocals, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitars, Percussion, Programming
Rudy Saldivar: Bassist, Co-Producer/Arranger, Backing Vocals
Josh Chierichetti: Lead/Rhythm Guitars
Marty Banas: Keyboards/Backing Vocal
Jon Price: Percussion

Back in 2010, five former successful veterans of the music world all agreed one thing: They knew they wanted to get back in the game, play for their listeners’ enjoyment, and most of all just have fun. And like all musicians, it's the big stages they once again longed for: When you can put it on stage, you bring it to life. Luckily, this group was also on the same page when it came to the sound they wanted.

And while it’s popular these days for bands to say that they defy any one particular genre, these guys really do defy it. Most listeners – from the lay-music fan to the most experienced and jaded music critic – will likely agree that the guys are not easily categorized. If pressed, however, the most accurate way to describe this band which is averse to using adverbs and adjectives in the definition would say that they play, “Alternative, Independent, Pop.” Their diverse influences collectively range to artists as from Tony Bennett to Pink Floyd. The music, while complex, is also somewhat simple in that each piece is designed to appeal to the widest popular audience, containing elements of folk, rock, and pop music.

In terms of background, the Saldivar brothers Lee and Rudy had walked away from the music business in 1994, after spending their entire lives to that point in the music industry. Their experience culminated in operating their own small label (Blue Moon Records) from 1988 to 1994. It was one of the few Independent labels of that era. That independence gave them a freedom few musicians had back then. Although they would eventually sell off their label, the experience allowed them to release much of their own music, as well as help other acts who were struggling to find their place. It also had provided them with a degree of financial security other musicians seldom enjoy.

Later, after they decided to get a group together again, it didn't take long to get their stage legs back, and writing tunes was a natural next-step, as was the desire to get another studio together. The first album "Savage Skies" was released in January of 2012 – it was a year in the making while they soon discovered things were much different in the digital age both artistically and on the promotional side of things.

 Their second and newest release, "Timeless,” (available in late summer, 2014) is the natural follow-up album for the band. The ten-song LP contains six songs written by Lee,  three tracks composed by Josh with lyrics written by Lee, and one track penned by Rudy – this collaboration was a first for the brothers who had never written with anyone else, noted Josh's ability to create material that fits the temperament of the collection and brought variation of style which added to the overall musical journey. Together they've created a work that is a statement from beginning to end, as the listener is taken on an introspective, encouraging, and thought-provoking ride.

And about that name of theirs, it was agreed that “Meridian,” meaning, “roughly of or passing through the highest point of prosperity or splendor,” was pretty much where they were at this stage in terms of their past musical accomplishments and personal lives. Problem was, another band on the other end of the country had already taken it, they discovered. They next tried to add the last two numbers from a member’s birth date, but likewise found it taken on the Internet for a high school reunion somewhere. And so it went, until they finally found “65” was free to attach to “Meridian,” and the matter was settled. As a bonus, it also sounds great when used in the abbreviated form, “M65.”