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Connecting Souls, Int’l @theothersideofsuffering88


A culmination of my life's work will be rolling out this year. It involves multi-sensory frequency immersion to shift a subject's suffering and clear low frequency cellular imprinting.

For a lack of better words this work is quantum untangling, quantum clearing or even a quantum reset.

Out of my work with the five senses, the auditory is the most powerful. The solfeggio harmonics work well in general but it's the use of what I've dubbed quantum articulation that is clearing and resetting at a phenomenal rate.

Subjects with custom sessions are reporting almost complete instantaneous change with residual shifts unfolding in hours and a small portion shifting over several days. When the quantum shift happens there is a permanent disconnection from the suffering. It clears and reframes the energy field to the point that it becomes difficult for a subject to connect with the previous way of being and almost impossible to feel any of the previous pain or discomfort related to the issue. For all intents and purposes the old way of being no longer exists in the past, present or future.

This project is being customised and applied to a variety of issues and human suffering. The first roll out will be to assist men and women in separating from historically confining masculine and feminine imprints, recognising and clearing shadow stories around feminine and masculine expression and reintegrating the divine feminine and divine masculine.