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Mic Gutz

Mike "Mic Gutz" Guthrie is quickly becoming the next music mogul to make his imprint. Growing up in Toronto, Ontario Canada, Mic Gutz has had to overcome many obstacles in order to stay focused on his god giving talents. Mic Gutz started expressing his love for music in his early teenage years, freestyling with his friends in his metro housing basement and at local parties in the neighborhood. While all of his friends were getting caught up in the wicked ways of the streets, Gutz stayed on top of his game and didn't fallow the norms associated with his neighborhood. He made a promise to his mom, a single mother of three, that he would finish school and stay out of trouble. Gutz experienced some bumps along the way, but was still able to accomplish his mother’s wishes. Near the end of completing College in 2001, Gutz began writing music, which would catapult him to the artist he is today. His word play, witty concepts and flow have been compared to greats such as The Notorious B.I.G, Xzibit, and Nas, which were his musical inspirations. Mic Gutz is a well rounded versatile emcee who can talk about any subject matter put in front of him, whether its about the gritty street life, partying in the club, or knowledge of the social issues affecting the world.

In 2005 Gutz decided to take control of his own destiny with the creation of his own music label, BlackHole Entertainment. With the help of some of his old high school friends, he built his own studio, Home Advantage Studios, and learned how to audio engineer his own music projects. In 2007,Mic Gutz released his first solo album "No Gutz, No Glory" which received high praise by the hip-hop community. In that same year, Gutz also released the 1st edition of his mixtape series "Tek Cover" which featured several artists off his BlackHole Entertainment label. In 2008 during the release of his 2nd solo LP "All Gutz, No Glory" Mic Gutz decided to branch out and build a bigger monarch, forming his current label We Eat Beats (or The W.E.B). We Eat Beats was created by a collaboration of his BlackHole Entertainment members and several other producers & emcees within the city, forming one huge movement. In that summer of 08, The W.E.B released the 2nd installment of the Tek Cover mixtape series, which was hailed a classic mixtape. Mic Gutz continues to dominate with the music scene with his lengthy list of solo and group projects that he's released. Since 2008/2009, Mic Gutz has released over 20 mixtapes & LP's in which he's Mixed, Mastered & Engineer (including the mixtapes Tek Cover 3 & 4, The Beat Bully' 1 & 2, & his Critically Acclaimed 3rd Solo LP Rap For Dummies).

Along with his lengthy list of projects, Mic Gutz is a regular when it comes to performing live on stage. He has shared the stage with several hip hop heavy weights, opening for the likes of Obie Trice, Canibus, Frank Nitt, Illa J, Freeway, Killah Priest, The Outlawz, & DJ Scratch from The Roots just to name a few. In addition to that, he also has become a well-known and respected Event Planner, organizing many events across Ontario. He's also been apart of several charity campaigns, including raising money for the Canadian Diabetes Association and The United Way. From his induction into the hip-hop scene in 05, Mic Gutz resume of shows/events in which he had is imprint on is endless.
Mic Gutz continues to grow as an artist during this present day. Most recently in 2010/2011, he released over 6 music videos in which one of them, "Hip Hop", won "Best Video" at the 2011 Canadian Indie Movement Awards. He (along with his We Eat Beats camp) also won "Best Group Performance" at the awards, winning both categories he was nominated in. For the last 3 years, he's hosted a successful weekly online radio show that plays local hip-hop talent across the city. He and his We Eat Beats cohorts are regulars on the stage, performing throughout Ontario and are continually creating showcases uniting the Toronto hip hop scene. He also teaches At Risk Youth Audio Engineering Classes, encourage them to stay off the streets. In April 2012, he plans to release his 4th solo LP "Rap For Dummies 2". Mic Gutz always stays busy, still finding time to balance his family life, being a loving father of 2. His commitment to the hip-hop movement is one to admire and take notice of. His longevity in the hip-hop scene and his ability to overcome personal adversities has made him one of the biggest forces to be reckoned with in the many years to come.