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Michael Bonanno

Michael Bonanno was born to first generation Sicilian-American parents in New London, Connecticut on April 6, 1950.

Michael began listening to 78 RPM records when he was about 4 or 5 years old. He would listen and sing along, trying as hard as he could to sound like the artists. Julius LaRosa was one of the artists whose records he had.

When he was 10 years old, Michael began to pay more attention to music and, like most people back then, really got off on listening to Elvis Presley. It was then that he began to take guitar lessons.

Michael didn’t know a thing about playing the guitar when he started taking lessons, so he had no choice other than to play what was written in the Mel Bay series guitar lesson books.

However, Michael got to a point where he could use the knowledge he was gaining through his lessons and expand on it. He began to play chords and figured out, by ear, the chords to many of the songs that were on the radio.

Michael wrote some little ditties about girls he knew and fantasized about in elementary school and junior high school. Some of the titles were “Karen Forever”, “What If Ruthie Saw Me Now” and, a little later, after entering high school, “Roseanne”. To say that these songs were “rough” would be an understatement.

In high school, Michael began to write songs inspired by the likes of Bob Dylan, The Beatles and others whose careers were just taking off. Many of his songs began to take on a social theme.

Also in high school, Michael played in several rock bands and wrote poetry.

None of the bands with whom Michael played were "discovered" and he all but gave up his dream of becoming a widely known artist and writer.

After he failed to finish college, Michael married. He also began working at the lowest levels for a multinational Fortune 500 corporation. He worked for that company for twenty-five years. He was married to his first wife for seven years.

While working for the same corporation, Michael married four times. Three of the marriages were hell, but the first two produced his three daughters who brought light to those otherwise dark years.

Michael thought that he’d never again put any energy into his creativity.

This changed when he met his present wife, Tina, also a musician. He began to prolifically write poetry and picked up his acoustic guitar. Tina and Michael played as a duet at a local watering hole and were well received.

After twenty-five years of what Michael considered to be “loyal service” to his employer, his employer “delayered” him (Orwell was a genius). Initially, Michael was devastated, but he used the newly found free time to learn about workstation music.

As stated in the album notes for Michael’s first CD, LIFE; THE MUSICAL, “As he moved through the recording…, he discovered more tools which helped him improve... He believes he’s reached a stage in his life and in his career in which his knowledge of recording CDs as a “lone actor”, so to speak, is significantly” strong.

“Michael Bonanno is a Baby Boomer. His music represents that period. He’s hoping that there are other Boomers out there who just want to hear new music that could have been well received back in the day. Imagine it; a new artist from the sixties and seventies publishing new music that we “hippies” would have been happy to hear back then and will be happy to hear today as well.”

There’s still plenty of time for Michael Bonanno and those of us who like good eclectic pop music appreciate Michael’s wanting to share his talent.