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Mike Osborn

Mike Osborn Band
rockin' blues

"This S. F. bay area artist debut release is a refreshingly unique blend of blues, rock, R&B and country. From its boot scootin’ boogie dance songs to its weepy ballads, this CD has plenty of diversity yet Mike’s passionate, masterful guitar playing ties it all together in a common thread."

"blazing guitar work and powerful vocals coupled with his strong stage presence and audience interaction to a level rarely seen"

Mike is a unique blend of rock, blues and country with an occasional Celtic accent thrown in (oh, did I mention unique?).
Always soulful, always danceable, always with a concert stage presence and audience interaction, the entire band delivers on multiple levels all at the same time.

Michael W. Osborn was born in Illinois and grew up in the country on the bank of the Kankakee river, not unlike Huckleberry Finn hiking, hunting and fishing, enjoying the outdoors. Country music and Blue Grass was played around the house a lot, He hated it at the time but it would later have a big influence on him musically. When he was 13 his family moved to Woodland CA (near Sacramento), he started taking guitar lessons in school. By the time he was 16 he was performing in local clubs regularly as a lead guitarist in a country rock band. From there he went on to play in rockabilly and metal bands for years. He played in church as much as he could, and got the opportunity to play professionally for a couple years. After taking a hiatus from music for a few years to focus on raising his children, Mike started back up again in October 2006 performing weekly and building up a network of musicians and music and reestablishing his reputation. Mike has received rave reviews on magazine, television and radio. Always performing with a raw "edge of the envelope" passion , and supported by the finest professional musicians, these shows are a definite must see. October 09' marked the release of his first feature album "Fire & Fury" (a term used to describe the energy of his live performances), a 10 trac CD that is a unique blend of blues, rock, country and R&B.
In 2014 Mike followed up with his 2nd release "In the Dog House", an 11 track CD named after the studio it was recorded in in Burbank , CA. This 2nd CD was met with immediate critical acclaim by the global blues-rock community and shows a significant progression in songwriting and musicianship from Mike.
Mike is endorsed by Epiphone guitars, GHS strings and Egnater amplifiers

Review of CD by San Jose magazine:
Mike Osborn is a tough character. He doesn’t believe in Superman or sunshine, as evidenced by his songs “Ain’t No Superman” and ‘Ain’t No Sunshine.” Okay, actually there’s only no sunshine “when she’s gone,” and the other song is not so much a denial of the Man of Steel’s existence as a plea to his woman to ease up a little. Still, there’s something raw and gritty about this Campbell bluesman that makes me think I wouldn’t want to fight him. Last month he released his first CD, Fire and Fury, on which the former rockabilly and metal guitarist embraces his blues destiny in a brutal full nelson. - Steve Palopoli

In The Dog House
Michael Osborn Music MOB-CD-002
This is blues with an edge, much like the blues/rock I grew up listening to in my youth. Osborn nails it, right out of the chute. He is an exceptional guitarist with a voice that is well suited to the music, whether is a growl or something a little more on the mellow side. A blend of blues, rock, country and a touch of soul set this one in that catch-all category they like to call Americana. For me, I'll just call it good music...and he does it well. Unlike a huge portion of blues rockers, he does not lose sight of his roots or throw the baby out with the bathwater. Osborn is a man who loves the life he leads, loves his music and creates a special bond with his audiences. He left the music for years in order to raise a family and when he felt able to return to the music did so with a passion and power that reaches straight through to the heart, touching the lives of everyone in his audience...and all I have to go on is the CD. My guess is that the passion that comes through the disc is minor compared to seeing the band in concert. With a band that operates like a well-oiled machine Osborn pours heart and soul into his music, singing those things he knows and has personally lived through. Hailing from the San Francisco Bay area, he was born in Illinois and has toured extensively through this country and the world. The experience shines through brightly as he owns every stage he steps foot on. He is a man with deeply rooted beliefs and the tools to convey his message to his audience, a rare quality in this digital age. His influences are clear but, rather than emulate the people he respected, Osborn incorporates elements of their style into his own. The resulting music is an extremely diverse blend that is soulful and very much heartfelt. Music that does not cut through and touch the heart is music not worth playing. Mike Osborn and the band play it directly from the deepest regions of the heart and the audiences soak it up like sponges, essentially being made a part of the show. Mike Osborn is a regular guy, not some superstar, untouchable by the masses, but a man who tells not only his own story but that of his listeners as well. Blues is the music of the people...the story of their good times as well as the bad, and this cat is a bluesman in the truest sense of the word. This is a recording you do not want to miss. -- Bill Wilson

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