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Miki Jacobs

Miki Jacobs is a Psychic/Medium and a Spiritual Teacher.
She was born in Israel, and grew up in a conservative and religious Jewish home. She served in the Israeli army for three years before moving to the United States and starting a business she ran for eighteen years. It was during her time in the business world that her abilities and interest in spirituality, rather than religion began to emerge. Both of these defining experiences have had an impact on her spiritual journey. With the wisdom she collects from her Archangels and Spirit Guides, combined with her life experience, Miki gives her a unique perspective on the events that are currently shaping our world.

Interestingly, Miki discovered her gift of communicating with the Spirit World later in her life. These abilities began to emerge in her early 30's. Miki has lessons and guidance for those who do not believe they can connect with the Spirit World because they were not "born" with it. With her work, Miki teaches people that like herself, every human being has the capability within themselves to raise their vibration to that of the spirits and shows them in a step by step manner how to awaken this gift. “I believe that we all have that 'sixth sense' ability within us. It is only matter of how much we pay attention, care, and are willing to work on that natural gift we have been given, and strengthen it”, Miki says.

Miki's mission is two-fold. One, as a Spiritual Teacher, Miki thrives “spreading spirituality” on our planet by helping people with their spiritual knowledge and personal spiritual growth, and two, uses her gifts as a Psychic/Medium to connect people to the Spirit World.

In her work as a spiritual teacher, Miki's mission is to teach people how to view their personal life, and the world around us, from the perspective of their soul.
In her teaching, she is able to describe and bring clarity to the seemingly non-nonsensical, day to day events, in both our personal lives and on the global scale as well. Through her lectures and workshops around the world, on spiritual retreats and cruise ships, her radio shows, her YouTube videos, and various media interviews, Miki presents the Spirit World's perspective on global topics such as war, religious extremism, terrorism, natural disasters, racism, as well as on more personal topics such as relationships, soul mates, soul purpose, suicide, illness, homosexuality, finance, and others.
Miki has a gift of connecting to large groups on a very personal level. Each participant gets to experience the concepts in a way that connects with them personally, and often will get just the message that they needed in order to settle into a path of growth and discovery. Miki will often have messages from the Spirit World for participants in these events that are necessary, useful, and profound. Miki has presented dozens of these spiritual teaching events and every one has been an inspirational event. To compliment her lectures and radio shows, Miki has produced two audio titles, called “We Are Never Alone”. One is is a spoken word recording in which Miki teaches about Human being's “Team” as she calls it, of Archangels, Guardian Angels, and Spirit Guides. The second is an introduction to guided meditation to help people strengthen their connection to spirit. Both are available at iTunes, Amazon, and roughly 60 other distribution outlets. Miki has authored a forthcoming book, “SOUL SECRETS, the spirit world's handbook for the living”, to be published in the summer of 2012.

As a psychic, Miki connect people to their Archangels, Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides and conveys to people helpful and life transforming messages about their journey on Earth. As a Medium, Miki connects people to their departed loved ones in spirit and channel messages of love and hope that proof the continuation of the soul beyond death.
Miki has given hundreds of amazing readings to clients both in her office as well as over the phone to people around the world. The accuracy and relevancy of the messages from Spirit World is the thing that makes the most amazing impact on her clients. Clients, both believers and non-believers, come away from the experience with a profound sense of relief that there is something more than this earthly existence and that human beings do continue on after the death of the physical body. Miki is currently on the “We Are Never Alone” world tour were she presents her *lectures, workshops and group readings designed to teach people about, and connect them to their “Team” in spirit.

Miki has a unique voice, accent , and a way of teaching that really connects with her audiences. The love for her work, the Spirit World, people, and all living things, is easily recognized in her voice when she speaks.