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Milagro Acustico

The Milagro Acustico Cultural Association started in 2007, after almost 12 years of activity in the homonym musical formation and, according to the statute, its main goal is to promote and spread the Mediterranean culture.​
The many CDs the group released in order to rouse the interest of the public opinion towards, e.g. , the Arabic Poets of Sicily- to which it dedicated two CDs-, Omar Khayyam’s quatrains, the lines of two contemporary poets, i.e. the Turkish Nazim Hikmet and the Sicilian Ignazio Buttitta, testify the path covered.​
Thus continues, in a more institutional way, what the group itself is always aiming at: rediscover those pages of our culture which are less known or have been forgotten, cooperate with organizations, institutions and artists from all over the world in order to create a cultural bridge that connects the countries situated on the Mediterranean basin; work on its albums and live productions with musicians who live in the Middle East countries or migrate there, who otherwise wouldn’t have many chances to show their art outside their country.​
From this point of view, the most important goal that’s been reached until now is beyond all doubt to be part of those associations who cooperated with the Italian Cultural Institute of Ankara and Istanbul on the planning and realization of the “KaleidoskopEurope Project”, in the area of the EU-Turkey program – Civil Society Dialogue – Cultural Bridges, promoted by the European Union in 2009.​
35 Italian and Turkish musicians under the artistic direction of Bob Salmieri toured the most important universities in Turkey, making 24 concerts and workshops. The tour ended in April 2010 at the Teatro Palladium – Terza Università di Roma, during the famous RomaEuropa Festival, characterized by three days of concerts and workshops. (​
The group is still cooperating with the associations and the artists who realized the project and the most important result is that many Turkish and Italian musicians who took part in the tour are now steadily giving their contribution.
Our association, together with the Fondazione Ignazio Buttitta and with the Regione Lazio, released the CD “SANGU RU POETA – SAIRIN KANI, Nazim Hikmet, Ignazio Buttitta Poems”, performed by almost 20 Italian and Turkish musicians coming from the tour.​
That’s the goal of the “Bridge”.
From the day of its establishment, the Milagro Acustico welcomed more than 30 foreign musicians. Some of them are: the Moroccan Nour Eddine (percussion) and Jamal Ouassini (violin); the Senegalese Pape Kanoutè (kora) and Pape Yery Samb (djambè); Pejman Tadajon (tar, setar), Maryam Borhani and Javad Ghaffari (voice) from Iran and, from Turkey, Volkan Gucer (kaval) and Turker Dinletir (ney), Burak Aziz (voice), Gunay Celik (kanun), Inci Sunar (bouzuki); the Indian musician Kalipada Adhikary (table), the Egyptian Abdalla Mohamed (darbuka, ney), etc.


The band was founded in 1995 by Bob Salmieri.
Milagro Austico’s music travels through Mediterranean routes re-discovering traditions and Arab domination history from a personal point of view. The language the band uses is mainly Sicilian, as Sicily is Mr Salmieri’s homeland, in ensemble with Arabic and Turkish.
1998: The band release its first album, “Onirico”.
2002: Milagro Acustico international attitude gets noticed in the US as Californian Tinder Records releases the second work of the band, “I storie ‘o Cafè di lu Forestiero”. It was a success both among public and review.
2004: Hearts of Space, another Californian company, and New York based Valley Entertainment cooperate to release “Rubaiyyat of Omar Khayyam”, inspired by poems of XI century Arab poet and scientist.
2005: Released “Poeti Arabi di Sicilia” (by Italian company Compagnia Nuove Indye), inspired by poems of Arab poets who used to live in Sicily during the Arabic domination. In the same year Bob Salmieri’s novel book “I storie ‘o Cafè di lu Forestiero”, published by Edizioni Interculturali, Rome.
2006: a new version of “I storie ‘o Cafè di lu Forestiero Novo” is released: new bonus tracks and new musician enrich the old success.
2007: CNI Music releases the second chapter of the Trilogy dedicated to Arabic-Sicilian poetry, “SIQILIAH, terra d’Islam”.
2007: Coppola editions publishes “Uomini e Dei, piccola Odissea siciliana”, one more tribute to Sicily and its culture.
2007: they were among the founders of MEDITERRANEA SICILIA PROJECT artists’ network, together with Maurizio Catania – Unnaddarè and Andrea Alberti – Orchestra Mediterranea.
2008: Soundtrack for the short movie “Angelo Azzurro” direct by David Monni
2009: November: they are in Turkey , (Istanbul, Ankara, Denizli, Mersin) with the tour “Mediterranean Kazz – common roots” organizated by the Cultural Association Milagro Acustico, the Italian Istitute of Culture in Ankara and finanziated by the European Union.
2010: a triple CD “THERMAE ATMOSPHERAE” published by CNI Music. Three CD dedicated to the Therme.
April 2010 they are again invited in Turkey , for the EU-Turkey Civil Society Dialogue: Cultural Bridges Programme as rapresentative of KaleidoscopEurope Project for Italy.
2011: CNI Music releases new album “SANGU ru POETA – SAIRIN KANI, Nazim Hikmet, Ignazio Buttitta poems” dedicated to the poems of this two mediterranean poets.
2012, they realize the soundtrack for the documentary "La Tregua, a forgotten war" about Corea, by the direction of Franco Pennacchi.
2012, they realize the soundtrack for the documentary "LAMPEDUSA - PARIGI, Diario di Viaggio" By Emiliano Pappacena
2013 Milagro Acustico present the preview of "Sicilia Araba" , Auditorium Parco della Musica, Rome.
2013 they realized "SICILIA ARABA - Arabic Poets of Sicily 829 - 1091) released by Cultural Bridge Indie Label (italy)