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Monsta Kodi

Monsta Kodi does not view himself as a just a ‘rapper’. Born in Harlem Hospital to Jamaican immigrant parents, and raised in multicultural northeast Bronx, the self-proclaimed Eldridge Cleaver of Rap is on a mission to bring back truthful, raw rhymes to bring the music back to its essence – the truth. You will not find any tongue-biting in fear of someone’s feelings or fairytale stories in Monsta Kodi’s songs. Monsta Kodi is that rebel that is ready to stand for the people, elevating his status above just being a ‘rapper’. Monsta Kodi is a rebellious revolutionary with gritty, street overtones. Monsta Kodi is armed with a distinct, booming voice and a pen that crafts lyrical terroristic bars to the fraudulent that sends them running for cover.
Haffen Park in the northeast Bronx, NY is fertile grounds for hip-hop and Monsta Kodi found himself inspired by Afrikka Bambaata, Kool G. Rap and KRS-One’s seminal release “Criminal Minded”. Monsta Kodi’s life has been interwoven with hip-hop from his beginnings, but it was Sean “Puffy” Combs’ storied bodyguard, Anthony “Wolf” Jones, who seen something special in him. Jones took the young Monsta under his wing and gave him an exclusive backstage view to the beginnings of Bad Boy Records and away from a life path that would surely lead to destruction.
Currently, Monsta Kodi is building a worldwide platform for his fiery single “No More Killing (Without Killing)” which is dedicated to Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and all of the named and nameless Black men who are losing their lives to the hands of corrupt, murderous police officers. The single is setting the tone for a mixtape bearing the same name. Monsta Kodi is meticulously working on songs with Kstar from Kstar Musik & reknown super producer M. Geezy, who also crafts hits for YMCMB, to ensure that his voice and message will be heard.
Hardcore, witty punchlines drenched in truth is what can be expected from Monsta Kodi. When Monsta Kodi says lines like:
“You want justice go to the whore house, if you want to get fucked go to the courthouse”
“How is the holocaust worse than slavery if they still killing Blacks like crazy”
Know that he is speaking of the angst of far too many who have become victims of “justice” in America.
Kodi is hip-hop. Kodi is the boom bap reincarnated. So when he drops lines like:
“I get bent with malicious intent, for this money I keep it funky like a chitlin incent”
Know that Monsta Kodi has the skills to drop hot lines that will please critical music ears to casual listeners.
Monsta Kodi is not coming – Monsta Kodi is here! From the first listen you begin to hear the “makings of a Monsta”.