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MICHEL HUYGEN, synthesist, creates NEURONlUM in
1976. He records in 1977 for the English label EMI- HARVEST ,
the first album of NEURONIUM entitled
QUASAR 2C361, also being the first disc of cosmic music ever recorded in Spain .
Neuroum is then a trio of musicians: Carlos Guirao on keyboards and Albert Giménez on guitar

In 1978, NEURONIUM records their second album
VUELO QUIMlCO, also for HARVEST , with the extraordinary participation of NlCO,
then ex singer of the LOU REED´s band , THE
VELVET UNDERGROUND. Several important concerts:
Plaza de Toros de Benidorm, Teatro Martín de
Madrid, Palacio de los Deportes de Bilbao (with a great success, by the way)
, and in the football stadium of Barakaldo
in front of 11,000 people. The 7 of May 1978,
NEURONIUM participates in the Festival of Science Fiction of Metz (France), representing Spain.

and decides to record with Auvi .
DIGITAL DREAM is the first album of NEURONIUM in its new company ,
as a duo of keyboard players,
with the contribution of a new guitarist called SANTI
In February of 1981, NEURONIUM records its new album THE VlSlTOR,
a new step forward and simultaneously different in the style of the band .

In March of 1981, the group travels for the first time to London, invited by VANGELlS,
in order to perform together music composed by Michel Huygen, for a show of television, filmed by Spanish Television for its program MUSICAL EXPRESS. The result is really amazing and the symbiosis is total between both styles and sounds.

In May of 1981, album THE VISITOR is sold-out in one month after its official release.

After the release of CHROMIUM ECHOES, fifth album of NEURONIUM ,
Carlos Guirao leaves the group and therefore NEURONIUM follows , commanded exclusively by Michel Huygen, its creator.
Michel releases simultaneously the fifth album of NEURONIUM and his first solo album
titled ABSENCE OF REALlTY, a very relaxing and intimate disc.
We are in 1982.

In 1983, Michel Huygen records the sixth album of NEURONIUM , INVISIBLE VlEWS,
with Santi Picó on guitar.
At the end of 1983 and beginning of 1984 , Michel Huygen records his second solo album titled CAPTURING HOLOGRAMS. Michel signs for the British label ZOMBA, that decides to release a new dedicated label of electronic music : its name is JIVE ELECTRO.

In September of 1984, NEURONIUM gives his first great concert in England, headline of the prestigious British festival of electronic music UK ELECTRONICA 84. The concert achieves an enormous success with three encore, and the room of OCTAGON CENTER of Sheffield …stands still .
It is the big way-in of Neuronium in England. And “Heritage” , the new Neuronium album is officially featured …

Probably due to his intuition, Michel decides to release onthe market an album with the sound track of the film OLYMPICALLY DIED, of which Michel , is author ,
under the generic title of BARCELONA 1992.

The definitive mixing of this album takes place in January of 1986, and the release is in March of the same year ,6 months before the election of Barcelona as city for the Olympic Games of Summer of 1992.

In May of 1986, Michel is the person in charge of the department of electronic music of the Center of Art Queen Sofía of Madrid, inaugurated by Her Majesty the Queen that same month.

In September of 1986, Michel Huygen and Santi Picó play two concerts at the Planetarium of London next to the museum of Madame Tussaud. The music of BARCELONA 1992 is featured during this concert, with a laser beams spectacle by Laserium.

In November of 1986, NEURONIUM gives an important concert in the S.I.M.O, fair of computer science of Madrid, offering the new spectacle of Tomás C.Gilsanz, as closing act of this international contest.

In February of 1987, a special album of NEURONIUM is released , to celebrate the tenth anniversary on disc of the electronic music of Michel Huygen , its title is ALMA (soul in english) , and contains new mixes of well-known tracks by NEURONIUM, plus an unreleased track until then, but well by the audinece of TV´s, since it is the signature tune of the prime time program of the TVE called LA TARDE.

Between January and June of 1987, Michel records and releases the 9th album of NEURONIUM titled SUPRANATURAL playing himself absolutely all the instruments.
The album is released in October of 1987,
with a series of 12 concerts in the Planetarium of Madrid, concerts completely “sold-out”.
These concerts in Madrid constitute probably the most wonderful carried out sonic and visual experience by Michel Huygen and Tomás C.Gilsanz, since the projections of paintings of T.C.Gilsanz take place on the vault of the Planetarium using 48 slide projectors drived by computer.

During these concerts of the Planetarium of Madrid, the music is digitally live recorded: an album is released worldwide with the title of FROM MADRID TO HEAVEN (Neuronium in concert).

In September of 1988, Michel returns as the headline act of the British festival of electronic music UK ELECTRONICA 88. The concert takes place in the church of St.John's Hall, in Westminster, the 3 of September of 1988. This concert includes an ex member of TANGERINE DREAM, and also friend of Michel , STEVE JOLIFFE. The result of the fusion between the special music of Neuronium and the masters to the Oboe, clarinet and flute of Steve Joliffe, with laser rays illuminating the vault of the church , completely fills the concert place with a very special atmosphere.

In 1988, new series of documentary are being filmed on old disappeared civilizations, in Peru and Mexico. Michel composes the complete sound track of the 26 chapters of 30 minutes each one. He releases in 1990, a compact disc of 77 minutes with the most important trackas of the series. The title of the album is OLlM, long ago in Latin.

Between July and November of 1988, Michel releases an album titled ELIXIR with the most special tracks of the series about the Incas and the Mayans.

In 1989, Michel begins the recording of a new disc of Neuronium , NUMERlCA, a romantic digital symphony in eight movements. It constitutes a great international success for the music of Neuronium.

Between October of 1989 and April of 1990, Michel composes , records and mixes his new single album INTlMO, the deepest, innermost and revealing of all. It is the special and emotional complement of NUMERlCA. In that period,
Michel receives the order for the soundtrack of a new TV series by FERNANDO JIMÉNEZ DEL OSO, y JUAN JOSÉ BENITEZ entitled EN BUSCA DEL MISTERIO.

The 7 of April of 1990, Michel Huygen gives a great concert as closing act of the first festival of San Sebastián of New Musics, in the wonderful place of the Abbey of San Telmo, in the city .

In May of 1990, Michel records a specially compound subject for a disc of tribute to the brilliant Catalan painter SALVADOR DALÍ ; this disc with the global title of DALI: THE ENDLESS ENlGMA, is released in USA by Coriolis Records. In this very special album, composers like Klaus Schulze, Steve Roach, Michael Stearns are present and Michel Huygen composes for this unique occasion, EL GRAN MASTURBADOR . This track by Michel is only available on this compact disc.

At the end of August of 1990, Michel begins the composition and recording of the new album of Neuronium entitled SYBARIS, with a totally new concept within the Neuronium sound, but also at level of the cover of the album: the most spectacular and expensive never done for a disc of Neuronium; it is released at the end of 1991.

One month later , the soundtrack of the series of television EN BUSCA DEL MlSTERlO is released, as a solo album by Michel.

In February of 1992, and for to celebrate the 15 years of record career of Neuronium in the international electronic music field , EXTRlSlMO is released. But this point is not a final one !
In 1993 a new album of Neuronium, double, with a very special content , is released .
The title is ONIRIA suggestive by itself... It is the 20th album composed by Michel.

In 1994, a new compact by Michel Huygen appears: INFlNlTO, dedicated to the sudden death of three of his best friends during 1993. INFINITO will be the most thrilling recording ever published by Michel...But in 1994 also, Michel decides and as a unique project , to release a very special album givinga
pleasant musical atmosphere during any meal , : the title is MUSICA PARA LA BUENA
MESA (Music for gourmets), only released in Spain...!
But in 1995 (anywhere in the world) in June and December of 1996 (in Spain) ASTRALlA is released : an invitation to the astral trip with return ticket , through a suite of 70 minutes…Prepared for the trip? Totally cosmic , with the collaboration of Dr. Fernando Jiménez Del Oso...

The 17 of June of 1995, and as closing act of SONAR' 95 , the international Festival of Advanced Musics of Barcelona, Michel plays for the first time in public, ASTRALIA music, with the cosmic visuals of Tomás C.Gilsanz. This concert takes place in the auditorium of the CCCB, that is to say the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona.

The 1st of July of 1995, Spain happens to preside over the Council of the European Union, and Michel Huygen receives the order to compose the musical subject that will serve as standard for the CD ROM released in Spain in 1995. Michel titles the track

In 1996, Michel Huygen undertakes the composition of a new album that will be released in 1977: PSYKYA. An extremely complex album at spiritual level and that simultaneously becomes the album of greater success in the career of Michel Huygen/Neuronium date.

Also during this year,A SEPARATE AFFAIR is released , an album with music by Michel Huygen and performed by Neuronium and VANGELIS .

In 1997 , Michel remasters his album INTIMO , as a definitive version and including a new track called You , only available on this new version of the album....

In 1998 , Michel prepares the composition and records what will constitute the publication of an album dedicated to the extraterrestrial civilizations: ALIENIKON ,with the participation of the electric guitar by SANTI PICÓ , the guitarist who has been collaborating with Neuronium for almost 20 years. An essential one for Michel, according to its words.

Few months later , in 1999, ULTRACOSMOS is released , an album of purely cosmic music and with a duration of 70 minutes non stop, is to say an album to let furthermost fly the imagination until confines of the space
Year 2000 will see the light of DIRECTO AL CORAZÓN ,the album nominated in Spain to the V Premios de la Música (Musical Awards of Spain) ,as best album in all categories (Pop,rock,jaz...),next to Alexander Sanz and la Oreja de Van Gogh.. This album , the28th by Michel Huygen , is a pure album of romantic and cybernetic music !

At the end of year 2000, Michel releases as Neuronium , a new and y 29thº album titled HYDRO and dedicated to the element bases of the life: water. This album is nominated in February of 2001 as better album of the New Musics for V Premios de la Música de España (Spain music awards).

And history is just starting now...
In 2001 , Michel Huygen has reached the million copies of records sold in his career ,from all his releases together.

Year 2002 sees the creation of the label NEURONIUM RECORDS as the personal label of Michel Huygen and distributed worldwide by BLANCO y NEGRO MUSIC from Barcelona.
On this label , top artists like Suzanne Ciani , Constance Demby , Jonn Serrie and many others are actually releasing their respective music.

Michel releases his 30th album titled PLACEBO on his new label in June 2002 , but in September of 2002, the new album by Neuronium titled AZIZI is released , it is to say a totally singular disc .. to dream…and fly far away but with a new concept of Neuronium sounds…This is the 31st album composed by Michel Huygen,but not the last one…A track is dedicated to his good friend for years and actress : Mrs. Audrey Hepburn .

During the year 2003 , Michel releases a special album entitled SOPLO VITAL, specially done for the struggle against anorexia and bulimia.
In June 2003, Michel Huygen joins forces with Pascal Languirand (composer and author of the multi-million seller hit LIVING ON VIDEO ) and together the 2 musicians release an album called LSD under the artistic name of CYBERNIUM. Extremely cosmic and floating music in the mood of the years 70’s but with the electronics and technology of the 21st century !

April 2005 was the date for the release of the brand new Neuronium album and the 32nd composed by Michel. MYSTYKATEA is the title of that album by Neuronium and it is probably the deepest , more cosmic and transgressor album ever composed by Michel Huygen…

But the year 2006 saw the arrival of SYNAPSIA, the 33rd album by Michel/Neuronium…An album being part of the trilogy with MYSTYKATEA and the future 3rd album of such and titled NIHILOPHOBIA due for later in the year 2007…SYNAPSIA is also one of the 3 finalists at the Spanish Music Awards of 2007 brining a fantastic feedback from this special album.

In December 2006 , the new Michel Huygenm’s album entitled ANGKOR is released in a special and new collection called EXTREME MEDITATION. This is the first volume of such collection and fans of Michel will be delighted by his most intimate , soft and surrounding aerial music…

In April 2007, the best compilation album by Michel is released. Its title is MAGIC SAMUI , an album of very romantic music inspired by the beautiful landscape of the marvellous thai island of Koh Samui where Michel will have his home in a very next future .This album is without any doubt the perfect compilation from Michel’s very best romantic electronic music .

In May 2007 , IRAWADI , the volume 2 of the EXTREME MEDITATION collection is released
And one more time the whole sensation of the album will surround the listener with mental landscapes based on the real country of Myanmar and its history...

July 2007 : re-edition of INTIMO , the most intimate album by Michel under his own name Michel Huygen…His almost “legendary” track TENDERNESS is one more time the start of the album and
the booklet included on the new Ultra Edition 2107 of INTIMO on a luxury Digipack format with new designs and cover , contains the poems written by Michel in 3 languages: English , French and Spanish…

During The first week of the year 2009 the release of a brand new Neuronium album: NIHILOPHOBIA…and also the 36th album !

March 2010: The album ETYKAGNOSTYKA is released…A very cosmic album by Neuronium in years ! Impossible to be described in words...but exceptionally dreamy and spacey .

But in October 2010 , the second and final part of HYDRO ,the best seller of Michel’s career ,is also released worldwide, firstly in USA , UK, Poland, Spain,
Germany...HYDRO 2 /The deep end is the title of that new album, music for a deep wellness and peace of mind as stated on the back cover of the CD.

And finally, at the end of October 2010, the 3rd volume of the Extreme meditation series is also released worldwide. This album titled KRUNG THEP (The city of Angels, that is to say the Thai name of Bangkok) is dedicated to the mystical sights of Bangkok, an album for a deep relaxation, yoga, Reiki, and giving to the listener the perception of special emotions in important Bangkok sights like The Grand Palace, Wat Arun , Wat Prakeo, etc...

March 10th 2012 , Michel plays a concert as the final show for the german electronic music prizes .The concert is held at the Bochum Planetarium (sold out tickets) with a fantastic success coming from the audience and a huge encore is done. This is the first concert by Neuronium/Michel Huygen in a german planetarium. New concerts are planned for the year 2013 in Germany and Poland.
November 2012: Michel releases his 40th album titled EXOSOMNIA, an album dedicated to other worlds, distant worlds, and the title in latin could be translated as 'Alien Dreams' . This album celebrates the 35th anniversary of Neuronium, Michel Huygen’s project in cosmic and electronic space music. The album sold more than
10.000 copies in just one month, not bad in times of piracy!

Michel plays his first concert, on July 13th 2013, in Poland, in Gorlice, for the 15th festival of AMBIENT MUSIC , alongside Manuel Göttsching. The full recording of this concert is released in April 2014 on a double CD ,and its title is NOCNY LOT (Night flight in polish)

The music included on this double album runs for almost two hours and contains also the two encore requested by the audience. This is the 41st album by Michel Huygen/ Neuronium...
In July 2015, Michel builds a second studio and this time it is in Asia, in Thailand where he is now fixing his main residence and home.
His new and 42nd album entitled JAMAIS VU is released worldwide in January 2016... Probably the most unexpected album for people discovering Neuronium’s music, but a new classical album in Michel’s career.
May 2017: the 43rd album titled LYSERGIC DREAM is released. It is actually the most successful and worldwide best acclaimed album by Michel Huygen,that is to say by the last 20 years!An extremely cosmic and spacey album with a running time of 76 minutes of pure cosmic lanscapes...for dreamers!
During the NAMM 2016 convention in Anaheim, Michel Huygen released the big news : during 2018, The London Symphony Orchestra will record a full album with Michel's music, with tracks from different albums of his career... Recording will be done at Abbey Road Studios in London. Its title will be IMAGINARY MOVIES with 9 movements.

November 16th 2017 will be the first time for Michel,attending the Hollywood music awards where he has been officially nominated as best Ambien/New Age composer of the year...

Stay tuned!

To be continued…
Neuronium has sold more than 1 million of records during his career and hope to continue getting more new fans…for sure !
Try just once and you will get the reason of this million of albums sold worldwide !