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Nancy Cupp

I've always loved to sing and draw since I was little. When it was time to pick a major in college, I went with art and taught art in the schools for a while. My heart was elsewhere and I wanted to get back into music. I wanted to be a famous singer, like Barbara Streisand, and had a similar range. I made the leap and tried to get into the music world, but thankfully I never "made it" as a famous singer. As a frustrated singer with a style that didn't seem to fit into any genre, I finally gave up. The great thing though is that I met my future husband and settled down to raise two wonderful sons and begin my own genre of music.

I created my own costumed singing telegram business and became rather "famous" in my own little neck of the woods. For twenty two years I dressed in costume and traveled NW Ohio surprising my "victims" and singing telegrams to them. I was hired of course! It was great fun and I spread a lot of laughter and good natured fun for a lot of people. I made my own costumes and wrote my own songs. I've sung to people coming out of man holes along the street, workers doing road work along the highways, politicians, business people, birthday parties, weddings, you name it. If there was a celebration, I was there. I was the party and it was good CLEAN entertainment.

After a while I wanted to sing more serious music and touch people's hearts in a different way. I wanted to use my talents to glorify God and make a difference in people's lives. There are so many hurting people and only God is the answer. I know that the best lyrics to any song are the lyrics from the Bible, because they come straight from the ultimate source, God himself! You can't get any higher than that. In fact, the whole Old Testament was either sung or chanted in the synagogues. I wondered why people were not singing the scriptures now. Maybe they do in some places. I decided to make my first recording of healing scriptures and learned to play the harp to accompany myself.

Now they have found out that meditation on Bible scriptures can renew damaged brain cells. I know that God's word is very powerful and has the ability to heal people, if they will take the time to listen. I'm not a doctor and do not make any claims at all, but I want to do my part to help people get better, by sharing God's medicine, His Holy Word. I pray that His Word blesses you as you listen to His Holy Word.