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BIO - Natalac
Sheldon Martinez Davis, better known by his stage name Natalac (Pronounced: [natiˈlak]), is an American rapper, executive producer, singer, CEO/Founder of Natalac records (Record Label), and CEO/Founder of Natalac Express (Trucking Company). He is most widely known for the success of his records Pimp of the City and Step Daddy. He is an important part of the local music scene in Jacksonville, Florida and has been a part of many musical ventures and projects. He is a local celebrity who regularly amasses thousands of views on his content, which consist of music, commentary, as well as journalistic pursuits.

Early Life
Sheldon Martinez Davis was born on August 25, in Jacksonville, Florida. He was the second child of Lawton and Shirley Davis and is of African American and Native American descent. He started rapping at the early age of 9 when he wrote his first rap song. He was also heavily involved in football in Ribault Senior High School in Jacksonville from where he graduated in 1992. After completing his education, he joined the United States Marine Corps. After his enlistment, he started his own hip-hop label called Natalac Records.

Music Career
The first commercial CD released by Natalac, Do Whacha No U Shud, saw commercial success thanks to a political rap song called “Fire in Florida”. The song was about voter disfranchisement in the 2000 elections in Florida. The topic of voter disenfranchisement was a popular controversy which helped catapult the song towards success. It was also noticed by NAACP, who looked into the matter of voter disenfranchisement. Natalac contends that the song did not get played by the media as much as it should because Jeb Bush was the mayor of Florida at the time. The controversy helped Natalac become well known within his state and raised his awareness nationally as well. He would also ride around in his truck looking for new artists to work with and venues to perform at; self promoting by giving away flyers and CDs.
The next album by Natalac was Bare Truth, released in 2003. The album was not a commercial success. One of the obstacles to which hindered its success was the single Step Daddy and its name. Step Daddy was initially the stand out song for the album and a potential radio hit, but another song released at the same time by the artist Hitman Sammy, which had the same name, and this caused confusion for the listeners. What led to further confusion was the fact that both songs were the opposite in lyrical content. Hitman Sammy’s song was a funny rap about annoying step dads. Natalac’s song was a heartfelt rap appreciating step dads who step in when the original fathers leave and provide guidance to the children.
Natalac released his third album Hidden Adjenda in 2005. The album was a huge commercial success, thanks to the popularity of the single Pimp in the City. This song became a standout hit and led to Pimp in the City becoming a common nickname for Natalac. Natalac also worked with 2 popular artists who signed to his label Natalac Records; P-Geezy and Queen Princess. Queen Princess released her first EP Welcome to My Queendom through Natalac Records in 2008.

2010 - Present
Natalac once again managed to generate a hit in his album The Answers, which was released in 2010. The single Money Girl feat. Blackhillbillie became a radio hit and got wide circulation on radio stations statewide. He released a best of compilation in 2011 called The Best of Natalac. Natalac released an album in 2013 called “A Pimp named Slickback thats Natalac”, named after the Boondock Saints character based on Natalac. He started focusing more on his hip-hop label and on the releases that highlighted local talent.
This included an album executive produced by Natalac and released by Natalac Records called The Best of South Carolina, a collection of the best songs from South Carolina artists. In 2014, he released a new album called There is only one Natalac so Google me, which featured the hit single STAAACKS (Stacks of Money). He has also been involved in many mixtapes with some of the biggest artists in the rap world. P-Geezy signed to Natalac Records in 2011 and released his second album.
Natalac geared up 2016 at CIAA in Charlotte touring again. The song ‘Rates’ is a single off Natalac’s 2016 album entitled ‘The Natalac Experience’ released in May 16, 2016. His Brothers Birthday.
TBA Dec/Jan. Natalac is Releasing his 11th Album entitled Pimp of the Nation with features from Project Pat, Pastor Troy, The Last Mr Bigg, Sean Paul. Lil Ru, Bankroll Jones with others coming soon.

Other Ventures
Natalac is also locally known for Natalac Express which is his freight business. Natalac is the CEO of Natalac Express and provides truck services to local businesses. Natalac is also very active on social media and YouTube. His YouTube account is under Natalac, and it features his music, commentary, and music from his label. The videos get hundreds of thousands of views, and have amassed more than 1.5 million views. The most popular videos are of his own music and music from his label. They also include commentary by Natalac as well as appearances by him in other media.

In Popular Culture
A Pimp named Slickback, a character voiced by Katt Williams in Adult Swim’s The Boondocks, is alleged to have been based on Natalac’s Pimp in the City video image.