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Natascha Wilczek

Natascha Wilczek is a singer, published songwriter, musician and sound healer. Her music, art and healing work is inspired by the beauty and wisdom of nature, mother earth and the sacred music and teachings of ancient and indigenous people.

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"It all begins with the breath, the voice, chant and life itself. Meditation and prayer are the main influences of my music. When connecting with the divine spirit open heartedly, I ask that my body become an instrument of cosmic sound. I become an open channel of divine light, using my voice to invoke the intangible realms of spirit." - Natascha Wilczek

Natascha Wilczek was born in Munich, Germany to singer/songwriter Suzanne Bell Doucet and actor Raphael Wilczek. It was clear Natascha had music and creativity stirring in her soul when she began singing pop hits on stage with her mother in Germany, as early as 3 years old. In 1983, Natascha’s mother Suzanne Doucet, decided to follow her dreams by moving to Los Angeles to establish her record label and promote New Age Music.

At age 8, Natascha moved to Northern C.A. with her family and bonded with her first mentor and spiritual teacher, master percussionist and Shaman Tajalli Moonstar. Tajalli introduced Natascha to the world of indigenous music and native and tribal teachings. Tajalli’s teachings became an exceptional influence on Natascha’s understanding and perception of the relationship between music, healing and spirituality. Tajalli also introduced Natascha to playing Native American flute, hand drums and various percussive instruments, which resonated so naturally and effortlessly with her spirit.

At a turning point in her life, Natascha was initiated into the sacred sound current by a long time friend, well known new age didgeridoo player "PARADISO". This initiation marked the beginning of an incredible heart opening spiritual journey for Natascha. A spiritual path through music began to reveal itself and she began to study and practice the sacred art of mantra chanting and toning. Natascha began to use her voice as an instrument to heal others and was formally initiated into Hindu mantra chanting by Hindu Priest, Shiva Kumar. Shiva became a dear friend, mentor and spiritual guide in this new chapter of her life. Natascha then went on to study the sacred art of overtone chanting with master instrument maker and overtone chanter, Johnathan Glasier.

This period in her life brought forth a deeper understanding of her soul’s deepest desire to connect with nature and Mother Earth. Natascha spent several years studying the teachings of indigenous tribes such as the Hopis and the Mayans. She describes her connection to indigenous tribes as a “coming home” for her spirit. On her spiritual journey, Natascha took part in many indigenous ceremonies on sacred lands, which continue to nurture Natascha’s deep connection to nature, animals and Mother Earth. The intention of global Peace, Love and Unity became the powerful underlying message behind the sound she began to create. Natascha continued to study and witness the power of sound as a healing modality which inspired her unique style of combining multi-cultural improvisational singing and chanting with world and ambient music for meditation and relaxation.

“Chant is the music of the cosmic spheres and the natural expression of our own consciousness. Chant is an important tool used by people everywhere for centuries to heal their bodies, quiet their minds, and to connect with the divine. Chant unifies and brings people together in thought, intention and most importantly LOVE,” says Natascha.

In 2002, Natascha wrote a song for a European multi-platinum artist, Gil Ofarim. The track “IT ISN’T ME” was released on Gil’s CD “ON MY OWN” with Sony records. This collaboration led Natascha to become a published songwriter with BMI. She then continued to write and arrange music and went on to work with Russian singing duo TATU, along with Australian music producer Mars Lasar. In 2007, Natascha studied electronic music production at The School of Audio Engineering in Hollywood. She is currently producing her own music and working closely with several new age artists to bring together her vision of world and ambient music for healing. Natascha’s heart felt vision is to create and share a sound, which emanates healing on all levels. Healing music that instills peace, love and unity in our collective universal consciousness.

Natascha lives in beautiful Ojai, California with her family. She offers her community large group and private sound healing sessions, energy healing and bodywork. Natascha also designs and handcrafts beautiful Macrame jewelry inspired by her close connection to the Earth and nature.

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