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Nina Hall

After many years of wanting to fit in and aim for perfection, I found that my music became dull. It lost its nerve and soul. And so did I. Now my aim is to portray my music, my thoughts, my life, my art in an authentic way, even if it means ugly, dirty, dark or imperfect, for the middle of dark and light, joy and sadness, beauty and ugly ... there life is. Real life.

My latest song, It was you, is about how I am the creator of my own world. What I think is what I become. My thoughts shape ME! So this song is about learning to master my own mind. Learning to escape the darkness and enter the light.

It was you, is produced with the Danish Producer Dynasti and he has become and extension of my mind during our addictive collaborations. I feel so blessed to have him as a creative partner.

About me... Born in England (Danish dad and English mum). Raised in Denmark. Since 2012 I have been based in Berlin (Germany) where I live with my boyfriend and our 2 year-old son.