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Nohe y Sus Santos

Nohe & Sus Santos (Nohe and Her Saints) is a four piece band that mixes Spanish and English vocals with the musical vibes of Central and North America. Incorporating Alt- Rock en Espanol, Cumbia and Pop grooves (and beyond!), Nohe & Sus Santos delivers a LatinX vibe full of soul, passion and a good dose of attitude, accentuated by stabbing and sensual electric guitar, supple bass, fluid percussion - and that voice! Celebrated Honduran vocalist Nohelia Sosa completes a group of fabuloso musicians that can only be described as excitingly fresh, possessing a distinctive style that is all its own.
Featuring musicians from Honduras, Mexico, and the United States, Nohe & Sus Santos finds its stride in creating songs that cross language and cultural borders, fostering a multicultural experience empowered by the new LatinX generation. Along with positive messages of self-identification and respect for our Latino heritage, the group also offers those unfamiliar with Latino culture and music a bridge on which to meet, a place where Rock and Pop interweave with Latin and Afro-Cuban rhythms. It is a sound that is as universal as it is distinctive. A sound that moves people of all nationalities and ages - body, mind, and soul - as the enthusiastic audience response at their live shows attests.
Leading the group is Honduran singer and songwriter Nohelia Sosa. After being a featured contestant on Azteca America’s music reality television show La Academia USA, where she placed third out of 30 participants, she recorded her debut album
Deseo Inexplicable with Latin Grammy-winning producer Milton Salcedo. As she matured and stretched musically, “Nohe”, as she is known to all, had a vision of developing a small music combo with the focus of bringing her songs and music collaborations a unique forward sound that framed her stirring vocals. Employing electric guitar for an edgy rock feel and upright and electric basses and drums to provide a rock-pop backbeat, her newest project, Nohe & Sus Santos, a quartet with a big sound, was born.
While Nohe delivers vocal chops, dance prowess and a powerful stage presence, her “Santos” provide the foundation and flow for her lyrics and melodies. Mexican-American musician, singer/songwriter Rafael Herrera, along with being the heartbeat of the group on drums and percussion, writes and collaborates on the band’s compositions, adding vocals. El Paso, TX music veteran and guitar slinger Randy Sanchez has performed and composed music with some of the Southwest’s best known Latin bands and also adds to the group’s arsenal of original song. New Mexican bassist Justin Bransford utilizes his extensive knowledge of music, composition and performance to round out the band while his bass is the pulse of the group’s style, sound and songs.
Nohe & Sus Santos have released two singles to date with a full album project in the works and slated for a 2019 release. Both singles and videos (links below) received fantastic response upon their respective releases and continue to garner attention. The New Mexico-based band’s live shows are explosive, colorful, vibrant, fun affairs replete with stellar musicianship, and bold performances and attitude. And now Nohe & Sus Santos are ready to share their unique sound with national and international audiences.