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NOVATIA is the brainchild of Ingmar Kops (synth and piano), Joep Selen (vocals), Joost Lobbes (drums), Fabian van Dijk (bass) and Rindert Bul (electric and acoustic guitars). Having played in various prog/metal bands, these musicians grew tired of creating complex music just for complexity sake... So they took a step back to reinvent themselves. Calling their new project NOVATIA (based on the Latin word “novate”, which means “reinvention”), they started playing more from the heart and less from the mind, searching for the perfect balance between keeping their music interesting while keeping it accessible. By sticking to song structures that are simple and to the point and focusing on an upbeat outlook in lyrics, NOVATIA offers a positive and light alternative in a musical climate often dominated by dark and heavy undertones.

Using improvisation as a starting point and relying on classic recording techniques in the studio, NOVATIA created an impressive collection of melodic songs that move somewhere between rock, pop, jazz, funk and (neo)prog. These songs flow seamlessly from spherical and progressive soundscapes to energetic riffs or jazzy and funky grooves, while maintaining a sound that always is immediately recognizable as NOVATIA. So far, the band released two EP’s: the debut “Remind you of yourself” in 2015, followed in 2016 by a second EP “Reflection of Thoughts”. A third EP is expected to be recorded and released in 2017.