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Olam Ein Sof

Duo Olam Ein Sof was formed in 2001, by the musicians Marcelo Miranda and Fernanda Ferretti. Their songs are inspired by themes as: medieval, renascentist, folk, various mythologies, ethereal universe, thus, they do a distinctive authorial work.
Seeking for a deep name, without a meaning label, and has a representation too an infinite union, Olam Ein Sof was choosen. A Cabalistic name with complex signification but it can translated as Infinite World, this is how they think about art: without frontiers and transcendental.
They propose on their concert a show with magic and fantasy, bringing back the values from our ancestors and a reconnection with the universe. They toured through many Brazilian States and also in Colombia (2010/2017), Chile (2012), Portugal (2014/2015/2018/2019), Spain (2015/2019), Italy (2016) and Germany (2018).
The duo also makes a interaction with other types of art yet as: dance, literature and visual arts.
Their discography include 5 CDs: Immram (2004), Celtic Mythology (2005), Ethereal Dimensions (2010), Reino de Cramfer (2014) and Cantigas de Reis, Trovadores e Peregrinos (2017). And also one DVD: Live At Wave Summer Festival (2015).