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Orlac Wizard

You are Orlac Wizard, born a thousand years from now, mightiest of all human wizards. Your hands can create magical potions of great complexity that grant wondrous effects to the imbiber.
You bear glyphs of power on each arm that increase your ability to wield magic of all kinds. You were born with these glyphs, and are unsure of their true meaning.

For centuries you have been working on your final magic potion, one that will allow you to travel through time. Today is the day that your dreams have become reality, and your final and most ambitious potion rests in your hands.
You stand atop a great mountain in front of your home, the seven spired Orlac Tower. Your silhouette is menacing and powerful against the bright future moon. The night is quiet…none dare approach you.
Before you is a portal through time that you created many years ago. So far it has only been a source of frustration and rage. At last you are able to drink your most delicious creation and step into the portal, ready to unlock the secrets of the Universe.

Your adventure begins now…