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Panorama is an original pop-rock band from South FL with a "panorama" of sounds. Our sound encompasses a variety of genres ranging from blues to rock/reggae to alternative pop. Electric guitar, interesting harmonies and synth are recurring elements in the majority of our songs. Whether you're going through a bad break up or on your way to the beach, we've got you covered.
We are so passionate about music and being able to share a feeling with people. Music, for us, is being able to connect with people in a way that words sometimes cannot express. We enjoy a multitude of sounds and musical eras and we are unique in that we let the songs write themselves. You'll see on our up-and-coming EP that we are not concerned about cohesion. All of our songs sound different as we play with different moods and different genres. We are looking for your feedback to see what categorical direction we will head in. One thing remains constant in that we love every song we write and we hope you will too! Stay tuned for our EP "Panorama - 360" scheduled to drop Spring of 2014! Much love to all our listeners and fellow artists.


Tressa "T" Cox – Lead Vocals

I think my earliest musical influence was Ariel, the Little Mermaid. I wanted to be her and sing like her. Somewhere there’s a home video of 3-year-old me shyly singing “Part of Your World” for the Paparazzi a.k.a. Mom. Still not a mermaid, but I have been singing ever since. It’s such a cathartic feeling to sing. It’s only a bonus that people enjoy listening to it.
To sum up my personal style, I have a few different personas I like to embody. Sometimes I feel like a beach bum, a feminine little cupcake, and an angry rock chick all rolled into one. I think that best describes it.
Oh, and my favorite food is always fresh seafood. Sushi, crab legs, mussels, paired with a white wine, sunset, and a salty breeze…yum :)
As far as my musical style, I model myself after Gwen Stefani. I love her really feminine sounding voice mixed with her tough girl vibe.

Rudy "Taz" Vega - Guitarist

Music has always been my passion and curse and I will always be alone with my best friend and wife my whole reason of being. It's an escape; a window to bear my soul. I've been in many projects before but Panorama has been the most rewarding because after many years of searching, I've finally found bandmates that want this as bad as I do. You dig? I consider myself an OCD, get-it-done, don't mess around, don't waste my time kind of person. I love Italian food but I don't care about going to Italy. I like the cold weather. My personal style is 90'a grudge with a hint of lime and moonshine. I definitely live one day at a time. I don't worry about things that I cannot control and I do not regret things I've done; only the things I did not do. I don't know what the future will bring, but I know I'm having the time of my life and I will always cherish these memories.

Jess "Sass" Sasser - Back Up Vocals

I'm the newest member of the band and their secret weapon... just kidding, it’s no secret. I've always had a passion for music. Whether it was playing violin or figuring out riffs on the guitar, it's always been a happy place of mine. I even wrote music before I could even fully read or write with my keyboard by color-coding the keys with markers at the age of 3 (yes, I'm a bit of a nerd too!). My personal style is beachy and casual with a little quirkiness in the mix. I am still searching for my own style of singing but for now it's more along the lines of Colbie Callait, Alanis Morissette and a little Allison Krauss-ish. I have too many hobbies but I like to keep myself busy. I love paddleboarding, scuba diving, mountain biking, fishing and watching movies. My favorite food is anything with cheese or chocolate. I'm super excited to be in the band and can't wait to see what the future holds!