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I was born in Copenhagen on the 16th of November 1980 as Patrick Henríquez Ussing. The first three years of my life I spent in Denmark, in 1983 my parents decided to move to Barcelona with me. Two years later, my father got a professorship teaching classical guitar at the conservatoire of Granollers, the city I would live in for the next 15 years.
At the age of 9 I started taking lessons in piano and solfeggio, but only at the age of thirteen, after seeing a Led Zeppelin show on TV, music became my passion.
1999 after I finished highschool, I was kind of lost. At that time there weren't any studies related to modern music or electric guitar at any college in Spain. My parents wanted me to go to university, but I didn't see how that was going to help me in anyway becoming a musician, which I was determined to. That's when, luckily for all of us, Arnoldo Moreno appeared. He was visiting an international guitar course my father founded with a colleague. Arnoldo teaches fingerpicking and latin-guitar at the University of Music of Vienna. After jamming together, he told me that I had talent, but that I was lacking knowledge. If I wanted to become his pupil, I had to learn german and jazz-harmony, he'd check me out in half a year. After this period of intense studying, I took the leap and moved to Vienna, where Arnoldo took me in for personal coaching until the admission exam of the University, another half a year later. I was in a foreign country and I didn't speak the language too well. But still I was unmeasurably thankful for having been given the chance to do what I love, and so I spent all day practicing and learning. I passed the admission exam.
Between 2000 and 2007, I studied modern guitar at the University of Music of Vienna. I practiced during the day, and worked as a waiter at nights. Little by little I got enough hours teaching guitar to reduce and finally quit the job as a waiter. I played in several bands of very different styles (dixieland-swing, pop-rock, r&b/soul, bossa-nova...), but I always kept my own projects alive, writing my own songs.
After finishing my studies in 2007, I went back to Spain. There, I tought guitar at an academy and joined several projects: I backed a couple of singer-songwriters, played in a Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute Band and formed a group to do our own music with a colleague. It all resulted in a lot of work and not much outcome, the only thing that worked out well was the classical guitar/electric guitar duo „Josep & Patrick Henríquez“: my father and I played at the 19th International Guitar Festival of Barcelona.
In 2009 I decided to go back to Vienna to finish my master degree at the University of Music.
Because of higher wages, I could earn my living giving less classes than I would have had to in Spain. That left me more time to enhance my musical skills, which kept improving a lot in the following years.
I also performed regularly in bars, but after some time I realised that there is no demand for a spanish singer-songwriter in Austria. I had to find a way to get attention for the music itself, as obviously very few would understand the lyrics. I started experimenting with all kinds of latin rhythms and I mixed them with elements of blues, soul, pop-rock, funk... I added a violin to the band in order to get a more unique sound. The next one and a half years, I spent arranging songs, at rehearsals and recording home demos. Finally everything started falling into place, the music got profile and personality.
In 2013 I had my final exam for the master degree of modern guitar, which consisted of an entire concert in front of the comission of the university. I performed with the band and got unanimous praise regarding the quality of the songwriting, arrangements and interpretation. I passed with distinction.
From that moment on, I've dedicated body and soul to my own music.