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Paul Grigsby

At the age of 2, the zither was my inspiration to jump into music. When i was 4, I got a cardboard violin for Christmas. That became a small guitar shortly after and at 8, I got a banjo and the Guy next door tuned it to the top four strings of a guitar and taught me a few cords. Lots of exposure to reel to reel tape recorders with multi speed effects and tape head echo began around 8 years old which led to lots of psych experimentation. blah, blah, on and on, and here we are 15 years later! Anyway, bios kinda suck so let's just say I was a Ninja with xray vision and could make myself invisible whenever I heard middle "F". If you like the Visitant, you may like The Tao of the Kung and MCIIB also available on cdbaby and other sites. MCIIB is no input mixing done in 1975 and the Tao of the Kung was a 2000 project based on the alleged tonic of nature. There is a mountain range called the b flat range on Antarctica the and there happens to be a bad ass black hole in the Perseus galaxy that has been roaring a B Flat tone, 57 octaves below middle C for millions of years. Seems this whole existence may be based on vibrations and B Flat and F seem to play into that little soap opera we seem to be immersed in.