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Pete Gunnzz

Pete Gunnzz is as real as it gets! Pete Gunnzz AKA Son of 801 has had a hard as nails life! He is the newest of the new Hip-Hop headz to enter the cut-throat rap game. But already the Gunnzz has made quite a strong name for himself. As alot of you, most likely have already heard; Pete Gunnzz AKA Pistol Pete, has earned crazy street cred for himself and just so happens to be one the last few real hip-hop MCs left standing. His unique truthful form and bombastic delivery; is that of the most elite of the classic MCs. Pete represents (to the fullest) for Hip-Hop, not only of the past but more importantly, of the future. Real hip-hop is break dancing, bombing grafitti, DJ'ing; jacking old record samples, cutting, scratching and beat looping on the decks, the wheels of steel, the 1's and 2's! AKA the turntables, and lastly yes MC'ing. Hip-hop is NOT DEAD it is just changing! Dont let Hip-hop turn 2 pop... 'cause if it goes to will stop!

Pete and the BassMintProz are just some of the many impressive performers that are currently coming on up outta the 801! But Petes shine however is growing stronger and brighter by the second. Backed with incredibly innovative beats from his counterpart; Dj Beatnic, (of xPNC, CART!, etc...) and spitting the freshest and funniest lines, Pete Gunnzz...AKA Pistol Pete AKA P-Roc AKA Son of 801; is making some real noise along the banging Wasatch Front! Fuck yeah, thatz Utah MOFO! This otherworldly Bass Mint Pro is straight from the grimmy ass 801, steadily coming up outta the rawky Junction City, Also Known As; Ogden, hatU-Utah.

Check out the GUNNZZ new solo songs here and also peep the fresh new tunez from the unreal supergroup called = Bass Mint Pros. Yeah those guys, the bomb Hip-Hop group all the true heads are talking bout! The one and only infamous DJ Beatnic on the 1's and 2's, is the sick as a dawg producer on Petes chill tracks. As usual Beatnic is blazin a new funky beat and of course, always bringing the heat. If you want to smash the world and break the chains of mediocrity, then free yourself of all the wack Hip-Hop out now a daze. B sure 2 check out the stoopid fresh...Pete Gunnzz and Bass Mint Pros.

Only a very select few can represent like Pistol Pete and Bass Mint Pros; whom make not only make state of the art groundbreaking music, but present it direct from there heart. Sorry, but phony playa haters, need not apply. Bass Mint Pros, Beatnic and Pete Gunnzz AKA Son of 801 will mos def stay 100% true 2 the real esscence of Hip-Hop. Rest assured, Beatnic and crew will keep it 'way beyond' real to themselves, for this is not fun and games kids, this grown folk biz and this musick and these rhymes are 'bout "real talk" people. Lets make one thing clear; Pete Gunnzz and Bass Mint Pros are NOT gangbangers or playahaterz or wannabes nor do they claim to be, anything.....but dope. Bass Mint Pros and Pete Gunnzz are 'bout real music and being true to yourself. They will not and do not discriminate based on the color of skin, type of religion, sex (or lack there of) height or weight. But however they do have major prejudgice that is; if you are a dumbass!