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Phillip McCurry

Hey folks,

I wanted to make this personal, hope you dont mind. I was born in Davy Crockett Hospital Lawrenceburg, Tn. March 19 1975 and grew up in Gooodsprings, Al. My Moms side of the family was big into bluegrass and country music. They would take me to fiddlers convention where you could watch all kids of talented folks making music in south Tn. My Dad farmed for a living by bailing hay for his costumers. My brother and I would help him after school and during summer. We cut wood and and sold it in the winter time. During work or whether it was at home, riding down the road in Dads truck, Country music was on the radio. We knew better to change the channel, for Dad would get bent out of shape about it. So having to listen to what Dad was into was the only choice. He had a stereo on his tractor with a big loud horn speaker on it. He would drive his tractor to the hay fields with that thing blaring all over Gods creation. SO EVERYONE HEARD IT!!
I noticed how my Dad would sing just about every song that was playing. I noticed how a song would make him feel. I started following in his shoes with the radio during work and when ever it was playing. I started noticing that I was putting emotion in those songs I was singing and it was coming natural for me. Which made it easy to sing with my Guitar playing Mother who as always loved music. My Mom would always play and sing to me as a kid. One of my favs was Wish I was a Teddy Bear.
To this day I still remember those times. I started singing at family gatherings and at friendly outings. When I was Ten a friend of the family came over one day and handed me a Guitar. He said son this may not be for you but try and learn a few chords to help you. I'm like why, I just like to sing. He replied and said thats ok. But one day you may want to write a song and you will need to know a few chords to be able to play what you write. So we sat on the porch and he begin to show me a few chords, I was lost from the start. I sat there while he was showing me these chords. he looked at me and said, son one day when you get older you will truly realize what you were born to do. I said whats that? He said, you will be on the radio singing country music, its in you to do it. At Ten years old it sounded cool and scary. A few years went by and I was still singing at different places around home. While in high school I joined a talent show for punishment from my teacher because she caught me skipping her class by hanging out in the boys bathroom. I was singing to the mirror. She told me that since I thought I was good enough to skip her class and sing, in the mirror, I was good enough to enter the school talent show. So I was made to sing in front of class and they all approved I went home and started hunting a song to sing. I came across a Doug Stone Song , In a Different Light. Loved the song anyway so I said what the hell. I sang it and everyone went nuts in there. I wound up winning the thing and the next year as well. That was a crucial point for me. I started realizing what I was told when I was ten. Things started happening in my life. I began to want to write songs and play guitar. I grew up down the road from our community legend Country singer. James Chambers was a Waylon Jennings made over. Wrote songs, sang them and traveled to Nashville for years. I went to him one day and asked him if he would help me play Guitar. He agreed and began showing me a few chords. I began to pick up those chords and could complete Key changes and not long after that I could sorta play along with him. I had the privilege to be able to sit in with him and his wife Betty and their band during their rehearsals. I would learn chord changes and then I began to fill the magic that is created when a group of musicians would get together. I soon got to get up on stage and sing my songs to their audience and was getting some recognition all over north Alabama and south Tn. Wasn't long I began to dream of traveling a little further and sing to a new crowd, next thing I knew my dream was more clear than ever. I made several attempts in Nashville to sit in and sing at places. Made a lot of friends that would impact my life in some way. But, I strayed from my dream some after high school. I met a girl and took a detour. Married young and had three kids. next thing I know I'm working full time and staying home getting fat. All the time I was working jobs and hating life. Thinking of my dreams of singing and traveling and at the time I was living miserable. In 2003, I woke up one morning and it hit me like a ton of bricks falling on me. I had a huge desire to sing again. So big I began to go out and do it. I sang at an event which my company I worked for had put on. I was approached by this person who wanted to help me go to Nashville and cut a record. Of course I agreed! We made some really good cuts and I had the opportunity to open for Chris Cagle and The Marshall Tucker Band. But I discovered through all the recording and shows and the problems back at home that it wasn't my time. With the dream still alive in me I later went back in 2005 and recorded a song and it went to RCA. I remember the day that they called me. I was working driving my dump truck at the time. I had missed a phone call so I checked my messages and it was RCA wanting to talk to me and they also wanted me to come to Nashville and sing for them. It was well after 5 pm when I got the message so I had to wait till morning to call. Could not sleep a wink that night. I finally got to go and sing for them. Everything went great. I was scared to death of course but it was awesome. This happen Oct of 2005. They wanted me to come back in Jan 06 to showcase for them. I agreed of course and began to put all that together. That Dec. two days before Christmas, I was involved in a pretty bad accident that caused damage to my face and mouth. I felt my dream slipping away slowly. I notified RCA of my condition and had no response. Medical bills began to pile on me and I had to make a choice to go back to work once I recovered. I began to be miserable knowing I had to get a job again. I didn't think I would ever get another shot until last year my Dad told me that I was wasting my life by not trying to chase my dream. That really hit me cause I knew I was! I began to pray about it asking God for help in all this confusion. Last summer a friend came up to me and offered to help me record my album. I thought to myself. God is this your answer? I took him up on it and contacted a long time friend of mine in Nashville, Buddy Hyatt, a very talented producer, musician,artist,writer and also a former touring member of TOTO. His response was, its about time!!! We began to hunt and write songs for this project. That is when I found PAIN!!! This song hit me and it hit me hard! I found myself in tears and the song on replay for about an hour or so. I was not drinking, I swear!! This song is one of the best songs I have ever heard when it comes to talking about PAIN. I felt it right there in my heart that night that this is why I have had to wait so long to have my shot at my dream. I needed to the experience to be able to deliver this song!! When I went in the studio to cut this song. I prayed that God would be glorified with it! I do believe he is! This is an amazing song of truth and that is what kind of artist I have become. I want to sing songs with a message! We all come across those fun and cool songs but when you come across a song like PAIN. Its time to put the big boy pants on and sing it!! I hope you all like it as much as we do. I thank yall for taking the time to read this! I just wanted you to know the real me behind this song!! I poured my heart into it! I feel that its my time now and I need your help to share this song to the world!! I hope to personally thank everyone who spins this song on your station. Thanks for what you do!!!! Without a voice, there is nothing said!!!


From Renee Grant-Williams::

Phillip, I feel privilaged that I was probably one of the select few that got to hear it. Somebody give this boy a seat at the table! Well done and well sung! You are my radio pick for the month! Great job!

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