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Poetic Lace

Poetic Lace, real name Le’Serone “Lace” Smith, was born February 8, 1988 in Compton California. He, his mother Monika Logan, and younger brother Johnny Smith, moved to Jacksonville Florida shortly after the murder of his father, Trennis “Pretty P.T” Woodman, nephew of the late Johnny Guitar Watson. In Jacksonville, Poetic Lace and his only two family members, moved in with his adopted grandparents, Ann and Andrew Logan. Up until their deaths, Le’Serone was one of their primary care providers. Insulin shots for diabetes, changing diapers, preparing food, constant hospital trips are just a few of the task Le’Serone had to face at a young age. He spent his childhood days caring for his family, playing Pop Warner football, hanging with friends, and going to school.

At the age of seven, after telling his grandfather that he needed to be baptized and saved through Jesus Christ, Le’Serone was immediately baptized by his grandfather, who was a Reverend, in their bathtub. Though Le’Serone gave his life to God, the world around him did not change. He grew up with very few clothes and shoes, and the living conditions were rough. His mother worked several jobs to provide for the family but Le’Serone still felt like death would be a better way out. He tried to commit suicide but the sight of his little brother prevented this from happening. In later years, he became a member at Bethel Baptist Institutional Church, home of Bishop Rudolph McKissick Sr. and Bishop Rudolph McKissick Jr. In the eighth grade, Le’Serone Smith was cut from the school’s basketball team. This caused him to make vow that “things will be different from here on out”. AND THAT THEY DID. In high school, he learned how to get money (both legally and illegally), played on both the junior varsity and varsity basketball teams, traveled through most of the southern region of the United States while playing A.A.U, Y.O.B.A, and U.S.S.S.A basketball, earned various awards in both sports and academics, mentoring kids, feeding the homeless frequently, voted having the Best Smile among his high school peers and much more.

After graduating high school in May 2006, he earned a partial scholarship to Central State University in Wilberforce Ohio. Upon his arrival, he soon discovered, in order for him to continue his basketball career at CSU, he would have to cut his locks. After pondering over the matter, he decided that he will not lose his identity for no “human”. So he left CSU and went back to Jacksonville to work at the Coach Purse Distribution Center and train for basketball until he could earn a scholarship at another school. After many trials and tribulations, he earned a scholarship to Dean College, a community college in Franklin Massachusetts. Three days before it was time to leave for school, tragedy struck again. Lace’s car was stolen and involved in a hit and run accident that nearly killed an unsuspecting bike rider and totaling two vehicles. The criminal escaped the scene before the police could arrive, leaving Lace, who was relaxing at home at the time, to take the blame. Le’Serone was accused of attempted murder, reckless endangerment, and fleeing the scene of an accident. Charges weren’t filed but Le’Serone faced police harassment and several law suits were pending against him. Le’Serone soon lost his scholarship to Dean College and he had to find a way to regroup. He then moved to Upper Marlboro Maryland with his mother’s boyfriend’s sister and her husband La Vida and Eric Mason. There he trained for basketball and worked at Home Depot.

After working hard for six months, Le’Serone earned a basketball scholarship to Daytona State College, a community college in Daytona Beach Florida. In the midst of pursing his A.A in Business Management and continuing his basketball career, Lace tore his meniscus disk during preseason, having to get surgery, and faced more legal problems off the court. But none of this stopped Lace from reaching his goals! Le’Serone was named to be on the All Mid-Florida Conference Academic Team, he won the most improved award, and graduated with honors earning his associates degree in business management. After graduating, Lace prepared for his transferring to a new school and continuing his basketball career by training his mind body even more than before. In the midst of training, he tore his tibia tendon and this caused him to sit out of school for another year. Being unable to walk for several months, Lace grew extremely closer to God. This new-found relationship led him to reading the entire bible, writing and completing four composition books of poetry, and beginning a life sexual abstinence until marriage.

After fully recovering, Lace was offered a position as an A&R manager at a local recording label. Due to the labels lack of drive for success, Lace left the label and went back to training for basketball. In the summer when it was time for Lace to decide which school he wanted to go to, the Holy Spirit spoke to him saying, “Your season of basketball is over”. After very little struggle, Lace quit basketball and decided to go to Florida International University to continue his education. There he majored in Business Management and minored in Psychology. In his first month of living in Miami, August 2010, Le’Serone was homeless. During his time of homelessness, Lace stayed at the Brunson’s house from time to time, slept in his car in his car, became very ill with hives over his entire body for weeks, and his bank account was “mysteriously” emptied out. These tribulations caused Lace to see “the bigger picture”. He began to seek God more and the desires to help people began to grow larger. Shortly afterwards, God blessed him with an apartment in North Miami Beach.

When Lace became a little more stable, he began to work towards leaving an impact in Miami. He joined B.S.U (Black Student Union), S.P.E.A.K (Students Poets Eloquently Articulating Knowledge) and Christians on Campus. Oddly enough, none these organizations could fill the void of purpose Lace felt he was lacking. Then on one particular night while Lace was on the phone with a friend, the Holy Spirit whispered to both of them, “Poetic Lace”. After much prayer and debate, during finals week Lace dropped out of school and moved to Tampa, Florida to live with child hood friend Jason Sherman, where he could focus on this “Poetic Lace” assignment.

On December 23, 2010, the death date of Le’Serone’s dad, Lace stepped into a studio for the first time. Giving him confirmation, Lace moved back to Jacksonville, Florida to build a team to begin his new mission. Poetic Lace Productions was soon conceived. A vision of a company that will be used to help people of all colors, ages, and backgrounds through music, film, fashion, dance, and art. On May 5, 2011 Poetic Lace was born! Poetic Lace wrote and recorded his first single, “Broken Wings” from his demo project “The New Beginning”, which was sponsored by La Vida Clary Mason and her company Mijoi and Associates, LLC. Shortly after production was finished, Poetic Lace moved to Maryland to live with his sponsor and to further his calling. On August 30, 2011, “The New Beginning” released and interviews and articles shortly followed afterwards. After a few months, the Holy Spirit led Poetic Lace back to Jacksonville, FL to get a deeper understanding of God. On October 14, 2011, Poetic Lace was anointed as a prophet at Restoration at Life Changing Ministries by Pastor Ervin Jones III. In this time period, Poetic Lace’s bible studies shot up to a new level.

On March 23, 2012, Poetic Lace released his debut album “When Silence Falls”. Sadly, in the midst of the album’s release, Poetic Lace’s little brother was arrested for several felonies and facing life sentencing. Though this was another painful blow, Poetic Lace pushed harder for the Lord. The release of the album led to Poetic Lace making guest appearances in the movies “Running” and “Trap Livin’”. Poetic Lace also became the founder and co-host on “Spiritual Warfare Prayer”, a conference prayer line that’s open to everyone across the world. God established Poetic Lace more and more as time grew with invites to minister (perform) all the way to being a featured artist on many websites. On June 13, 2012, Poetic Lace became the new co-host on The D-Hour Radio Network’s new online radio show “The Covenant Café”. On July 22, 2012, Poetic Lace became a member Pastor Ervin Jones III’s church, Restoration at Life Changing Ministries and his longtime friend, Leezola Coats, became his girlfriend. Shortly after this big move, Poetic Lace was announced to be on Coast2Coast Indie Top 50 Mixtape, number 14 on Modern Beats’ September 2012 Top 20 Independent Artist, number 7 on Hit Talk’s January 2013 Top 20 Independent Artist and other accolades for his hard work . Lace went on to release a segment called “Heart of The Streets”, where he interviewed homeless and misfortune people to make a change in our communities. Music videos for Broken Wings, The Way Out, Can We Get Away, Day After Day, Diamonds On My Neck, and Better Days soon followed. On February 6, 2013 it was revealed that Poetic Lace is included in the future historic photo, A Great Day In LaVilla. This photo includes some of the most prestigious artist, poets and writers in the North Florida area. On February 19, 2013 Poetic Lace partnered up with the charity known as Ox Fam to help raise money. Fifty percent of his Reverbnation music sales went to the charity to help them with their fight against poverty.

On March 22, 2013, almost a year after the release of When Silence Falls, Poetic Lace gets featured in Australia’s very own Hip Hop Rap Sheet. Now that he was stepping into an international arena, Poetic Lace knew it was time to expand his brand and ministry into new territories. On April 28, 2013 it was announced that Poetic Lace was casted to play as the role of Sarge in the stage play He Wants It All, on August 4, 2013. His character, Sarge, was the main villain. So Lace had to work very hard to step outside of himself to play this role. In the midst of all the hard work, Poetic Lace’s brother Johnny’s case had finally ended, resulting into charges being dropped to trespassing and crediting him time spent. Sadly the fight did not end there. Johnny was transferred to the Nassau County jail to fight another case for a crime that allegedly took place four years ago. This incident bothered Lace but didn’t cause him to give up on the mission. After Le’Serone’s two year anniversary as Poetic Lace (May 5, 2013), it was announced that Poetic Lace would be performing at the 5th Annual Rhythm of Gospel Awards on July 26, 2013. Being invited to this prestigious affair didn’t cause him to lighten up one bit. On July 21, 2013 Poetic Lace won the OMN Finale; making him the 2013 Open Mic Night Champion. This lead to him joining the God Belongs In My City Summer 2013 Tour and God Belongs In My City Prayer Walk Concert. In the midst of all of this outward success, Poetic Lace began working on a new single titled Soul Therapy featuring Transparent and Worshippers Victorious. Being inspired by the young people he mentors, it was brought to his attention that people are in need of proper spiritual healing from pain and wounds that come from a rough past and/or a deprived present. These soon to be scars will turn into a major hindrance to one having a prosperous future. Soul Therapy isn’t just a powerful song, it’s a tool to bring positive change to God’s children. Ironically, Poetic Lace had to face people’s scars head up during the production of Soul Therapy. In the late July/early August 2013 time frame, Poetic Lace caught one of the young men he mentored trying to solicit his body to another male. Though very devastating, Poetic rose above the controversy by staying focused on God, heeding the counsel of his mentor James Singleton, mom, and pastor, and by loving the young man as a child of God. Though this unexpected blow from life hit him, Poetic Lace pressed through by connecting with the legendary Paul Lapinski to engineer Soul Therapy. Now having a complete song, Le’Serone went into deep prayer concerning what his next step should be. The Lord led Lace to Wilbert Thomas, the owner of Space Cherry Films, in late August 2013. Wilbert Thomas soon shot the official music video for Soul Therapy and ended up taking Poetic Lace under his wing. Teaching Lace about the music industry and ministering the Gospel to him, Poetic Lace’s eyes were opened to a new area in faith and route to take in the music industry.
On September 12, 2013, Poetic Lace’s brother Johnny Smith got sentenced to do two years in prison. Though this was painful, Poetic used this as motivation. On September 28, 2013, Poetic Lace performed at the God Belongs In City Prayer Walk Concert, praying for thousands of people. This experience increased his desire to encourage people to have a deeper and more intimate relationship with God AND led him to a bigger platform. On October 22, 2013, Poetic Lace released a new single titled Soul Therapy featuring Transparent and Worshippers Victorious. The song was inspired by a young man he mentored who at age 7 was molested and raped, at age 14 he was forced into prostitution, and now being 19 he struggles with his sexuality; and the song was inspired by a young lady he mentored who was never loved by a godly man so she spent the earlier part of life looking for love in the wrong places while laying on her back. Through these testimonies, the Lord showed him that it’s too common that we label people according to their past AND that we allow wounds and bitterness in our souls to hold us back from a prosperous future. Sharing this message through Soul Therapy’s official music video, led to more lives being changed and more doors being opened. In the months of November and December of 2014, Poetic Lace was featured in Emurge Magazine, casted to be a lead actor in a new stage play titled The Final Decision, written by James Web, interviewed on many radio stations, makes countless top ten list, and to close out the year, Poetic Lace was nominated for The Prayze Factor People’s Choice Award in the category of Holy Hip-Hop Artist of year. As Poetic Lace approaches his 26th birthday, he looks forward to what the Lord has in store for him.