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Today it seems like that there are always new “super groups” popping up left and right that it’s sometimes hard to keep track in the ever changing face of the music industry. Many succeed to the heights of rock star epiphany while others fade into the shadow’s obscurity. For the newly assembled band Projected, it not only brings together some of the most well-known names in rock, but also a collection of phenomenal music that is sorely missing in music today.

It seems that each individual band member has their own influence in creating the masterpiece that is Projected with each band member cutting their chops in such great bands as Creed, Alter Bridge, Sevendust, Submersed, and Daughters of Mara. What started out as a fun side project for band members John Connolly (vocals/guitars), Eric Friedman (guitars/vocals), Vinnie Hornsby (bass), and Scott Phillips (drums) soon progressed into something that is truly unique and monumental that is difficult to describe without the listener taking the journey themselves on Projected’s debut album, Human. It is an honor and privilege to present to you the first glimpse to all that is…Projected…

The opening song, “HELLo”, is by far the most definitive song that encompasses all that Projected embodies as a band with drive and focus to craft great music. Instantly, the listener is hit with heavily saturated guitars and thundering drums. What is most impressive about this song is Connolly and Friedman’s use of multi-layered guitars and solos that give the song a larger than life sound. “HELLo”, also provides a glimpse of what is to come with Connolly displaying his talents as a vocalist that few have recognized over the years with him being an active member of Sevendust. Connolly not only provides excellent lyrics in this song, but delivers with a vocal performance that will catch any listener off guard.

Following the footsteps of, “HELLo”, is the emotionally driven track, “Watch It Burn”. It is on this track that Connolly displays his talents as a creative lyrical presence with the lyrics, “I could not betray you…I just could never learn…How to rebuild just to watch it burn”. Furthermore, this song has an interesting breakdown that is sure to catch the attention of any guitar enthusiast that craves a dose of heavy guitars. “Watch It Burn”, also has the makings of a song that is sure to become a fan favorite from this album.

Continuing through the album, Projected serve up a healthy helping of the heavy with the songs, “Alive”, and “Breaking Me”. The listener cannot help but hear the Sevendust influences in the song, “Alive”, with Hornsby providing the down tuned bass tones while Friedman gives the song originality with eccentric guitar riffs and an amazing guitar solo. “Breaking Me”, provides listeners with an extremely heavy song with Connolly’s growling the lyrics, “Falling Out…Up right now….Not a sound…Fall back down...You’re lost and your falling”.

Finally, the track, “12804″, is one of the more personal and emotional tracks on the album. Connollly sites that this is one of the most prominent tracks on the album due to the lyrical content paying tribute to the late and great Dimebag Darrell who’s life was tragically taken on December 8, 2004. In “12804″, the listener can hear the sorrow in Connolly’s voice and lyrics as he pays tribute to Dimebag with the lyrics, “Somewhere there’s another all in for the other…Two can breathe forever…Nowhere there’s another life into the after…Two can live forever”. It is a song like this that truly shows the integrity of band’s duty as musicians to create music that actually has meaning and authenticity and Projected has done justifiably so with this track.

After listening to Projected’s album, Human, it’s easy to see and hear that this is just not another super group. It is a group of musicians that have pursued their dreams and have used their talents from being in other well known bands to create an album that is unique and all of their own. From the opening intro track to the last song, “Breaking Me”, Projected solidify their presence as a band that has not only created an exuberant album, but as a band with individuals that have come full circle as truly talented and memorable musicians for years to come. Be sure to check out their debut release on September 18th, 2012 and become apart of what is to be a monumental shock wave to the world of rock!

Kyle Chambers/Emurg