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Rachel Brooke

“Like so many of us, Rachel Brooke was born in the wrong time. Her classic style, and her simple and poetic songs fit much more snugly in an oval picture frame of tarnished metal and smoky glass than on CMT or Clear Channel pop country. She might be from Michigan, but this girl must have been touched with the songs and sentiments of the southlands and the weary West at birth.
The Rachel Brooke brand of old school country soul is true, and doesn't even give a hint of fake, stereotyped molding to fit a style or genre that happens to be hip at the time. It flows out of her as true and vital as breath. In other words, this girl is the REAL DEAL!
Her songs have that capacity to take you somewhere you haven't been for many many years, or to take you somewhere you want to be: in the depths of drunkenness and depression, or back home where all was right. Then she feeds it all through the effects of a warped record or an fuzzy AM radio to erase any tinges left behind by this modern antiseptic world with its polished existence, because the songs are not meant for this modern world or the people who dwell in it. They are meant for YOU,..the wayward soul rambling down the Lost Highway."

"Rachel Brooke has the wintertime blues , but unlike the rest of us, her end product of misery is something haunting and beautiful, rather than alcohol and bad poetry-mired. As an acoustic firebrand from Northern Michigan, Brooke brings her twangy class and sass to the latest Wonder Woman of Detroit art shows..." ---Real Detroit

"Sometimes you hear a song and you just know that either the singer or the songwriter is not tuned in to this time period, but to somewhere far into the future where they create the types of music not yet even considered in the present. Rachel Brooke doesn't play that type of song. In fact, the music she plays - and writes herself - has been around for a long time, though few remember it nowadays. Free of polish and luster, Rachel Brooke would better fit in playing next to Hank Williams on the Louisiana Hayride than anybody found on Country radio these days. And that seems to be just as she wants it. None of her songs are bouncy or poppy. Some of them are downright depressing, maybe enough to convince you to take another shot of rye. But you still come away feeling better having heard them. Whether playing solo or as duo Rachel & Junk while partnered with fellow Michigan singer/songwriter Junk, hearing Rachel Brooke's music will make you want to burn your radio."
-The Liver Eater