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Randy "Wildman" Brown

Randy "Wildman" Brown (Rander Phillip Adams) is indeed a true Sagittarian-November 23, 1953- who was born on the West side of Jackson, Mississippi in an area known as Washington Addition (" that Dog Gone Dition"). He is the son of the late Charlie James and Frances B. Adams with three siblings: Charlie "Tee" Adams, Johnnie Adams and Lydia B. Adams-Macklin and the proud father of grown children. At the outset of school he attended Emma Lee Isable Elementary, Jim Hill Jr./Sr. High and William W. Blackburn Jr. High. Notably, during his years of enrollment at William W. Blackburn Jr. High School, Rander excelled at all his studies. However; he yet maintained a reserved dormant childhood desire and dream to be involved in the entertainment industry. Here GOD provided the opportunity for such desires and dreams to manifest by placing together lifelong friends: Leroy Sanders (guitar), Ernest ‘Fess’ Peters (bass), the late Tommy Lee Young (drums), and George W. Stutts, III (bass) to form their first band called “The Gladiators” (later renamed "The Psychedelic Soul Searchers"). His parents sacrificed to buy him a ‘Western Auto Truetone’ guitar and a Montgomery Ward’s amplifier in their support of his insurmountable efforts to enter the entertainment industry. Although this band never recorded anything with a record company, they did play for school talent shows in the Jackson Public School District and a few local sites (their performances being then limited to certain venues due to their ages). Also, here he wrote his first song entitled, “I Met My Girl at the City Park”, as many of his classmates (especially Robert ‘Soul Daddy’ Mitchell) would tease him about the “lyrics and melody” of the song, which in retrospect its up tempo delivery was demonstrating a kinda comical message in a sense.
Consequently, here he met Nelson “The Real Neil” Wiley, of WOKJ radio in Jackson, MS. Neil provided the opportunity for Rander to be the William W. Blackburn Jr. High school reporter. Neil also introduced Rander to the commercial radio technical equipment for both the on-air disc jockey and radio commercial production studios. Neil later became Rander's mentor in radio broadcasting and provided an indelible print in his unique "on-air personality" which yet evolves and is enjoyed by many today. Moreover, Rander became immediately overwhelmed by the revelation of the close knitted relationships apparently extant to radio broadcast and commercial recording in the music/entertainment industries. This friendship shared between Neil and Rander created an an inseparable bond which is yet maintained to this day.
Nevertheless, now times were changing right before everyone’s eyes with the escalation of the Civil Rights Movement, the Rezoning of School Districts due to compelled segregation in Mississippi pursuant to federal law(s)…. My, my, my, things were chaotic, where many of his friends found it too overwhelming to "adjust and adapt" and move forward to live productively with the rapidly changing times. However, Rander was blessed to move forward and attend William H. Lanier High School (his Mother's "alma mater") during his sophomore year(1968); as compliance to federal law(s) compelled his return to Jim Hill High school(1970). Still, ensuing a personal meeting with JPS Superintendent, Kirby P. Walker, he was granted the privileged opportunity to subsequently transfer back to William H. Lanier High School and graduate with the honor of being Class President in 1971. At this point, he was designated as Tenor section leader of the Lanier High School Choir and President/part founder of the “Rooster Club”. Notably, at Lanier High school during this senior year Rander P. Adams was given the renown moniker “Wildman” by classmate Charles “Spunk’ McLaurin (President of the school’s Student Gov’t Association). This was conceived and gained birth due to the hilarious attire exhibited by Rander on the school’s "tacky day". This demonstrated gesture has proven to create an “Indelible Icon” associated with his ‘Being’….
Rander attended Tougaloo College in Tougaloo, MS. from 1971-1972, ensuing the award of a choral music scholarship while at Lanier High School. During his enrollment at Tougaloo College, Rander met Calvin ‘Nicky’ Robinson, who was a renowned blues vocalist from that "Dog Gone Dition”, who became one of his best friends. This friendship endured until Calvin’s demise in 1975, (“May He Rest In Peace”). However, it was this friendship that catapulted the full moniker ‘Randy Wildman Brown’, as modified by Calvin 'Nicky' Robinson. Calvin's friendship further inspired and motivated Rander to becoming a writer/vocalist/producer of his music. Here, he met many in the broadcast and music industry: Tommy Tate, Jessie Robinson, Jimmy King, the late Gene “Bowlegs” Miller, (Memphis, TN), Tim Whitsett with Stax Records (Memphis, TN), Tommy Couch, Sr. (Malaco Records, Jackson, MS), the late Joe Shamwell, the late Dave Clarke (Malaco Records), the late Senator “Uncle BoBo” Jones (Hep’ Me Records Bolton, MS), Herb "D'Kay" Kneeland (WDIA, Memphis, TN), the late Z.Z. Hill, the late McKinley Mitchell, Wade Hamilton “Poppa Rock” Graves, the late Bruce Payne (WOKJ, Jackson) and the list could be seemingly endless to date. Additionally, during his radio "air personality" tenure at WKXI (Jackson, MS-then 13-KXI) Tommy Marshall, “Heavy” Herb Anderson, Verbia “Lady V” Harden, Stan "The Man" Branson, the late “Dynamite-DDT” Duane Tanner, Percy "The Night Hawk" Davis, and “Randy Wildman Brown” were all known as the “Original Town Takers” in Jackson, MS broadcast radio. Not to mention, in 2007 The Honorable Mayor Charles Evers could be cited as providing the opportunity, avenue and venue for his comeback as an entertainer today (WMPR 90.1 F.M., Jackson, MS). This was a subsequent occurrence to a brief hiatus from school and radio around 1985. However, Rander attended Jackson State University (1975), where he majored in Mass Communications and became an active member of WJSU. At WJSU, he played an integral role with staff and students alike in the formulation of WJSU’s radio format. Notably, he was the first and last student disc jockey/radio personality to host an authentic Saturday morning Blues Show at WJSU, during the tenure of JSU Mass Communications Dept. Head, Dr. Johnny Tolliver. In 1978 Randy "Wildman" Brown joined the staff at WYAZ in Yazoo City, MS. and later moved to WQBC in Vicksburg, MS., WOKJ in Jackson, MS. and WKXI in Jackson, MS. Today Randy "Wildman" Brown demonstrates his vast knowledge and experiences in the broadcast industry where he is currently heard on Tuesday nights from 10p.m.-2a.m. on WPMR/90.1 F.M. (@ tunein radio or Recently, Randy "Wildman" Brown made a reacquaintance with the late Senator Jones (Hep' Me Records) in 2007 just prior to his untimely demise, where he began the initial commercial production of his first musical project as a solo artist. Still yet in the initial production stages of this ongoing project you are hereby provided a glimpse of a new and very prominent artist who shall offer much, much, more for many years to come. “Just One More Day”-This provocative Blues/Soul Blues single is yet part of an ongoing project that emulates an impeccable demonstration of feelings shared between two as ONE. Everyone should give their relationship the necessary opportunity to grow becoming as ONE while being nourished by a Daily maintenance thereof. Still we can not and must not ever let pride (many times false) and ego (many times overwhelming) dictate the happiness shared by and provided through a “true love” with our significant other.
"Jailhouse Blues"-provides an up tempo drive, which delivers a prolific message in an attempt to deter individuals from becoming susceptible to a life in prison from their irrational moments of aberrancy.
"Hooked On You Baby"-was penned especially for his wife: “Miz Wild”-Janice Delores Lee-Adams, which expresses “an intimate story of true love from one to another", as demonstrated by a hard driving melody that’s drenched with the lyrics of love.
"At Midnight"-indeed demonstrates an ideal scenario of how disoriented one can find themselves when they have basically done all they can 'materialistically', and that proves to be inadequate to sustain a loving relationship.
“Cold Weather-this selection is the perfect love song which demonstrates how cold an individual's life can be when longing for his/her significant other. Indeed, life without love is actually synonymous to "Cold Weather"!
“Cold Weather-(Lady J’s Mix)”-Randy Wildman Brown’s concept which demonstrates a smooth musically melodic style similar to that of Booker T & The MGs which yet evolves to be the premier musical satisfaction expressed just for you. Enjoy the provocative experience!
“Lucky Charm”-offers you a meaningful positive reflection of a talismanic experience particularly relevant to how precious one’s true love to another can be regarded, and
“Keep Me Satisfied”-is a straightforward expression made to your significant other while clearly advising them of the necessary simplicities of life that should be the sole focus upon everyone in providing cohesiveness in any relationship.

Deservedly, Rander later in life married his childhood sweetheart-Janice Delores Lee-Adams, "aka" Miz Wild who provides her absolute support and encouragement necessary to be the best he can be. In other words, Janice (“Miz Wild”) is the unique divine catalysis of Randy "Wildman" Brown as provided to both husband and artist in all aspects and endeavors of his life today. He promises you that ALL tracks from his debut Cd (“Just One More Day”-once complete), which is dedicated to His Wife-Janice Delores Lee-Adams (“Miz Wild”), will offer a positive message like never before with strong vibrant melodic lines~~"May GOD Bless You & Much Love & Peace"!-~~~~~~Rander~~~~~~

You May Contact Me at:
Randy Wildman Brown
401 E. South Street, #2647, Jackson MS 39207-2647
“I’ll Sock It To You Baby”

NOTE: Condolences from Randy Wildman Brown and Janice (“Miz Wild”) to family and friends of Harrison ‘Cap‘ Calloway-”Mr. Music” (Master-writer, producer, arranger, FRIEND) who abruptly was called HOME by GOD on April 30, 2016. His arrangements and work performed with Randy “Wildman” Brown shall forever serve as a memorial of GOD’S ingenuity being provided through him at the outset this project (“Just One More Day”). "Cap" R.I.P. my Brother as we by GOD's GRACE indeed shall complete this project!!!

Moreover, the assistance of Melvin L. Hendrix "House Cat" and Ken "Polk" Gore (Gore Studios), who spearheaded this project just prior to the actual commercial production stages is greatly appreciated! Also, THANKS to Tammi "SYyMBOL" Killingsworth and to Willa Womack w/Thomas of "Classic Printing in Jackson, MS for the graphics!

"May GOD Bless You", & "Much Love & Peace" to everyone who integrally served in any capacity to make this project a success!!!--------------Rander----------

Booking Contact:
Randy Wildman Brown
601 664-8468
401 E. South Street #2647
Jackson, MS 39207 OR

Janice Delores Lee-Adams ("Miz Wild")
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