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Range Of Motion

In retrospect, RISDIC did them in.

In the late '80s and early '90s, it was still possible to see a live band in Providence on any given night of the week, and the tremendous quality of songwriting and musicianship had many dreaming that the Biggest Little might soon become the next Athens, or Minneapolis, or Seattle. The clubs were still full on weekends, and places like the Last Call Saloon were featuring all kinds of great music: rock, blues, jazz, alt-country (before it had a name) and much that couldn't be categorized.

Exactly where Range Of Motion fit in was anyone's guess, though: an actor/singer/songwriter with an Elvis/Tom Jones/Mafia obsession; a bass player/painter that designed his own instruments; a drummer that knew every Neil Peart lick but idolized the Beatles; and a heavy-metal/country guitarist whose secret desire was to replace Bob Stinson in the Replacements. Imagine rock opera delivered with a sledgehammer, or dance music that frightened people. The first tape was released, to great reviews. They took every gig they could get, even Monday nights playing for just for Doc at the door and Chris behind the bar. Then, as they were starting their second release, the banks and S&Ls all collapsed; the company insuring them went under; and the guy running the insurance company went on the lam for years. Overnight Providence turned into a ghost town, many of the clubs went under, and the music scene took years to recover.

Range of Motion didn't make it, unfortunately, but they've always wanted to chronicle that brief moment in time. So please, enjoy the remastered music and remember that it's still "all who you know."