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Hello there, this is Susan from Relaxation Therapy Online. I write and present the Relaxation Therapy Tips podcast. Whilst I was looking for ways to deal with anxiety myself, I discovered relaxation therapy and it ended up changing my life. At the time, I was struggling to find some sort of life in my life/work balance. When I took physically ill a couple of years later, relaxation therapy became the thing that helped me through, when doctors were giving me frightening prognoses but were unable to give me any treatment. As the techniques I used to help myself played such a major part in my healing, I wanted other people to be aware of how relaxation therapy could help them. For this reason I set up Relaxation Therapy Tips and published the first episode in April 2016. Since then it has been listened to in many different countries all over the world. The Tips podcast is only 10 minutes long, so that it is easily accessible and short enough for people to fit into their busy lives.

I decided to start creating album content so that I could make longer relaxation resources available to people.

My first album is 'Natural Relaxation' - available on cdbaby - which is a 70+ minute album containing natural sounds, which is ideal for relaxation, yoga, meditation and visualisation.