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Rich Staats

Rich Staats started life as one of the eldest of forty first and second cousins in a traditional, mid-western, agricultural family. He joined the Army when he turned 18 and, because of the auspices of the US Army, Rich eventually was able to attend college. Rich is extremely grateful to live in the United States of America and recognizes that it is one of the few places in the world where someone from his roots could do something other than live a life of object poverty.

He began composing music in 2002 to attempt to save a relationship. While the relationship failed, Rich has composed over a hundred songs as of 2014. Rich has been asked to lend his talents to a variety of ventures from Internet commercials to composing over three hours of original songs performed for a holiday party at the Pentagon in 2005 and writing the official songs for the Hurricanes (Army brigade) and the Steel City Sustainers (Sustainment Command).

Many of Rich's songs have been used as mood music for games and independent films. Rich has been active in the game design community since the late 1970s. Mark Rogers and Rich published Khymir in 2006. Rich has run seminars on world building for authors and game designers for over 30 years including several years when it was a for credit course at MIT.

Rich was blessed to be the single father of three: Kathy, Liz, and Rich Staats. Kathy graduated from medical school, and Rich who rose to be a Lance Corporeal in the US Marines. Liz graduated from college for hospitality management. Alas, while their friends enjoy Dad's music, his own children feign disinterest.

Rich plays the keyboard, the guitar, and the mandolin -- poorly -- just well enough to know what is physically possible to play on them (please be compassionate, Rich started when he was 41 years old), but fortunately Rich is able to use Finale to produce sheet music and have session musicians play his compositions.

Rich has a mighty HP Z800 with: Pro Tools, Sony Acid Pro, Sony Vegas, and Native Instruments Complete on it to aid with recording, editing, mixing, and production.

If you are interested in having Rich do some music or video work for you, please contact him at

In spring 2014, he teamed up with the award winning team of children's author Ann McCallum and illustrator Joan Waites. The ladies asked Rich to compose, mix, and produce an album of music inspired by their book, Double-Z: Day of the Mantid, to accompany their Kickstarter project.

Rich agreed, and that led to the first album on CD Baby, Day of the Mantid.