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Road Trip

Road Trip Bio
Road Trip was formed in April of 1991 in Kingston, WI. Cousins Richie Plath and DJ Doty started the band with friends from the area just to cause some trouble.  They both were very interested in music at a young age and it led them in competing in air band competitions back in the 80’s.  Eventually they decided to learn how to play for real, and they were soon playing for the town events in a band called Bad Attitude. Eventually they decided to get more serious and they changed the name and recruited some serious musicians and started Road Trip.

Road Trip was an instant hit due to their energy and outstanding song selection.  Lucky for them a couple of booking agents saw their show and the agents loved them instantly.  They immediately started booking them all over state of Wisconsin in any place that would have them.  While on this crazy tour they were in Oshkosh playing at a bar called the B&B Tap where they met their now co-lead singer Amy Jo Doty (Johnson).   The band became more focused and started working on production, musicianship, showmanship and branching out further throughout the Mid-West.  They started writing and eventually recorded their first album that consisted of covers and originals.  Soon after that album they recorded a live album with all originals.  It was a fun time for the band, but emotionally difficult.  They felt like they wanted more, and wanted to be a better band in every way.  What started out as playing for fun, was turning into a real business.

The band lost and gained many members during these growing times.  The line up stabilized with some excellent musicians and Road Trip went back into the studio and recorded two more albums of all originals. These two albums gained the band a lot of attention with the media and their fans.  The band was getting great opportunities to open for bigger bands including Sheryl Crowe, ZZ Top, Collective Soul, Ted Nugent, Jefferson Starship, REO Speedwagon, 38 special, Three Dog Night and Night Ranger.  The band and the fans loved the music, and the band sold a lot of CDs in the process.  Eventually the line up changed and the band’s focus changed as well.

Road Trip is all about capturing their audiences, reaching out to the world and showing them how to relax and have a good time regardless of how difficult life can be.  They love playing other artists music as well as their own.  They added 10 large video screens to their show, with all self made videos playing with the songs during the show.  Each video was created by Road Trip to move with each song and add dynamic to the show.  They also created a light show that moves in perfect time with the band and their videos to bring the audience to another level.  The band now takes their audiences on an all night journey with their eyes, ears, mind and emotions.

The band is continually recreating itself. They are always looking for the next best thing they can do to enhance the live performances.  Road Trip today has 2 lead singers, Amy Jo Doty and Richie Plath, lead guitarist, Jason Busse, rhythm guitarist, DJ Doty, bass player Flap Welsch and drummer, Matt Gieseke.