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Robert Lowe Music

Robert Lowe

As soon as I heard music, I connected and was hooked for life.
As a tiny child I crawled inside a piano we had at home, found the wires and was fascinated by the sounds they made when you hit them, then of course I found it is the keys that you make tunes with.
I couldn't play the piano but made up one finger tunes which set my imagination off.
I was also fascinated watching my Mum play and hearing the sounds that came out, which sent me off into other worlds.
About age 6, I started hitting cushions like a drummer with two big pencils playing along with whatever records my two sisters brought home in the 60's and 70's.
There was always music in our house, Mum and Dad played records plus sang the music from their era to me as well.
I've had no teaching but done plenty of learning through the experience of just doing it.
I set up my first drum kit aged 19 which my Dad paid for and started playing it instantly like it was a part of me.
I have no idea where that ability came from, it was just natural.
From there I played along to my favorite records and began to develop a style, which is a complete mash up of all the best bands in the world.
I took that style in to the rest of my music career and later on, into my writing too.
I am a co-founder member of the 3 piece rock band Abbfinoosty, whose album "Future", is an underground cult classic.
I am constantly evolving as a writer and pull together musicians from all backgrounds for unique projects, collaborations, soundtrack work, writing and recordings.
I get my inspiration from absolutely everything, everywhere and everyone.
I am not an artist you can place in any particular genre and I purposefully jump from one thing to the next, sometimes in the same song.....No Rules Music.
I am eternally grateful to all those I've worked with in the past and those that I am still to work with in the future, some who I have yet to meet.