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Robin Roelofs

Robin Roelofs always was busy with words. As soon as he hit high school, as everybody, you started an after school activity. For Robin this became guitar lessons. AT THE AGE OF TEN, WITH ACTUALLY A TINY BIT TOO LITTLE HANDS, HE WAS HOLDING A FULL SIZE COUNTRY & WESTERN GUITAR at least an hour a day and gradually the time went up to every free second. Some one said: "You know that you could try to write your own songs." With help from his guitar teacher he learned the basics of composing and arranging and soon the first Rock band was formed.
Now years later, Robin Roelofs is a full grown artist, both physically and artistically, always searching and only working from the heart and soul. Robin Roelofs had bands throughout the country, but had never performed under his own name. This changes with the release of the album 'D'ACOUSTIC', THE NEW RELEASE FOR SALE RIGHT NOW at HTTP://WWW.ROBINROELOFS.ROCKS and at Cd Baby; this is actually the first Album of ROBIN to ever be released with total heart and soul approval of him (more are certain to come). It introduces a SENSATION IN MUSIC: the "NEW WAY of ROCK!" This exclusive ROELOFS SOUND is a total new way of approaching music and its techniques. 'NEW ROCK', because it scares away the elevator music spies and leaves us with the real ROCKERS!
Robin's first love for words (especially in literature, journalism, science and poetry) finds a perfect way with the BEAUTIFUL AND OUTSTANDING VOICE OF ROELOFS, in the HIGHLY ORIGINAL COMPOSITIONS: unique in rhythm, in broadness, in warmth and chill-factor. Themes of the lyrics are often love, injustice, shout-outs for non-violant solutions and a prophetic way of scetching complicated matters going on on earth in three verses and a bridge, and off course the chorus: AGAINST THE BACK GROUND OF A SLEEZY LOVE AFFAIR, A THEME LIKE INDIFFERENCE IN POLITICS IS BARBED WIRE CUTTING STRONG.
Hang that guitar around your neck and play us a tune, Robin; also a Live Performance of Robin Roelofs is a special experience. Solo or with back up band, Roelofs is sure to give the crowd their kicks and have them go home knowing they witnessed something special. ROELOFS SOUNDS TERRIFIC ON ANY STAGE: THE KITCHEN TABLE OR RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL. For bookings:
His albums are carefully prepared and the whole process is done for the fans to get the best, as they deserve. ROELOFS PLAYS AROUND WITH HARMONICS as a grand hobby train owner with his electricity. Unexpected majors, in tune dissonants and all this in songs that have a feel you just want to be with. So close Roelofs' music can touch in the shake part, the space part, the chill part AND even in the practical part of our brain where we sit down in the most comfortable chair available.
So unlock yourself and dream away, dance away, groove away, rave away. TAKE IT AWAY, ROBIN!