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I have been singing and performing for as long as I can remember with a desire to write and record original music. I made a life out of this creative pursuit because a life without music is not a fulfilled life. And in my life it is important to find ways to dream new dreams because without new dreams, my spirit will not stay awake.

I always had a passion for performing live and I have been singing since I could speak but it was only a few years ago that I decided that I wanted to be able to evolve artistically. I started on a musical sojourn with the desire to work with writers that I admired but also with a desire to be able to make a creative contribution.

My path led me to my dear friend, singer songwriter and guitarist Melvin Moten. Melvin helped me to understand that I had my own creative gifts to offer. He inspired me to learn how to write lyrics and melody by drawing from my own personal relationships and allowing my emotions to surface whether they were coming from a place of pain, pleasure or both. Melvin and I worked together over the next few years and he provided me with a safe artistic haven. He believed in me and made me feel like I like I truly had something to say and share. Through his guidance, I was able to grow as a songwriter and as a person because he taught me a fundamental truth about life and music and it still resonates with me. He told me to rid myself from the clutter of my surroundings because through that freedom, I could breathe life into melodies and lyrics. Through my journey with Melvin, we collaborated on songs about romantic yearnings of unrequited love such as Melt, Counting Time with Tears, Waiting for the Rain to Fall and Say Anything. Melvin’s songwriting technique was inspired by the sound that came out of the legendary Brill Building so he believes that the foundation of songwriting starts and builds on the melody. Over the years, Melvin wrote many melodic songs but there was a beautifully written song that he hoped to get to Roseanne Cash. I felt touched when he asked me if I wanted to listen and sing his song Hurricane. I was able to relate to the lyrics which are about a woman who has fallen in love with a man that is filled with so much love and passion but he is also filled with such internal emotional destruction. I recorded Hurricane and it is the first track on my latest CD called Reverie-Dreaming While Awake. And on this creative sojourn with Melvin Moten, I fulfilled a dream and became a songwriter.

Sometimes I feel as if the lucky stars have fallen on me in so many ways and an example of this was collaborating with Rick Witkowski and Anthony Rankin. I spent almost every Sunday at Studio L for over 2 years with Rick and Anthony at Studio L. I felt so fortunate to be writing, recording, learning with two of the most respected gentlemen in the music biz. Rick Witkowski is the owner of Studio L as well as the heart and soul of so many musical projects including his work with national recording artist BE Taylor and Crack The Sky. He is a guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, engineer and producer at Studio L but just so much more. I have admired Rick for years because he is authentic and giving and patient and kind. I once again found a safe haven which allowed me to continue to evolve as a person and as a songwriter. Anthony Rankin is a young gifted and emerging talent. In addition to performing with his band, The Anthony Rankin Band, he works with Rick at Studio L and he is a music virtuoso. Anthony is able to play pretty much any instrument that you give to him. Sundays at Studio L became one of the most peaceful and beautiful parts of my journey because I looked forward to every Sunday when we would create, write, talk, record in an environment that was filled with friendship, courage, strength and love. Studio L stands for Studio Love and It was a journey of love for me.

Some of the highlights over the years with Rick and Anthony were collaborating on songs like Lost Inside Your Love, Shiver, Falling Into You just to name a few. Falling Into You was written by me and Rick and it was our version of Walk on By. It was crafted around the melody with a certain tenderness and vulnerability which was a bit different for me. I was exposing a part of me that was challenging to share but I knew that others would be able to relate to the feeling of letting go and being able to rely on someone that you can trust.
I am so proud of a song that I wrote with Rick called Lost Inside Your Love because It was the first time that I wrote a melody and lyrics without thinking and I wrote the song in my car. I didn’t just hear the melody but I felt the emotions pour out of me. It was a time in my life when I was filled with love but I felt an emptiness and loneliness as well. I wrote the song in 20 minutes on the way to Studio L. When I arrived at the studio, I told Rick that I could not listen to anything until we recorded the song that was inside my head so Rick and I started recording the song and I felt released.
Another part of my song writing evolution was working with a musician friend of Ricks, Rob Bayne who liked electronica and had some music recorded but needed lyrics and melody. I was emailed the music tracks and so it was the first time that I was writing to music without having the musician around. I wrote the melody and lyrics to Shiver in a few days and recorded it with Rick and Anthony.
During that time, I also I found myself connected to guitarist Sam Matthews who decided to give up his advertising day job to play in about five or six bands mostly punk or goth inspired. I was intrigued by Sam in so many ways and especially with his ability to multi task musically so I found myself in Sam’s studio multitasking with him. He had a home studio so I started to put some of my creativity in motion. I started singing a melody and then quickly would jot down lyrics while Sam played guitar and recorded. It was at a challenging time in my life and I was having nightmares. I remembered when I was haunted by childhood nightmares and I couldn’t sleep at night because I felt like my bedroom was filled with ghosts … I remembered as a child that I tried to understand why they were in my room. I only way that I could get to sleep at night was if I felt that the Ghosts would Lie Down.

After several years of writing, recording, I had enough material that I infused my style into that I had a collection of songs that I would describe as melody driven pop songs that are rhythmic with a hint of retro richly arranged that I recorded at Studio L with Rick and with the help of David Werner.

I was going to call the CD Shiver but was encouraged to search for a title that was not just the name of a track on the CD but a name that would speak to my musical journey. I found the word Reverie in a French book and didn’t know what it meant but was drawn to the word. I found out that it means dreaming while awake. If you study the Toltec culture, there is a belief that you are always in a dream state but that dream state gives you the ability to redirect your dream and create your own reality when needed. I had to redirect my dreams several times but I always knew that I had to continue to stay on my path and pursue my dreams and I am fulfilled because I wrote and recorded and collaborated. I wanted to share my story because it is possible to believe in the beauty of your dreams and at times, a safety net will appear.

A few weeks after I decided on the title Reverie…Dreaming While Awake, I found the perfect quote from Disney to use as a dedication to my husband. “In between the place where I am dreaming and awake, that is where I’ll be loving you”. CD in memory of my husband Rodney Underwood who in so many ways has helped to make my dream a reality.