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Ryan Clement Aka. Riveechi

I started thinking big when I was 10 years old, I taught myself how to sing, rap and play keyboard, I founded my first company when I was only 18 years old utilizing a brand new concept called pay per click online advertising with a company called Overture, in 1998 I taught myself how to build my own website using nothing but notepad, I started with $400 dollars I received from combining my birthday and Christmas money, to make a long story short I started an Overture pay per click advertising account right when the company opened, I started by publishing helpful music marketing information for independent artists and bands like myself which turned into a music industry contacts directory which I manufactured on CD-Rom in my moms living room, I called my company Mix Makers, I then started selling the Hip Hop and R&B beats I produced in the low budget recording studio I built in my room when I was 16 yrs old,

I used my Overture advertising account and expensive software to track which keywords or phrases sold my products for the least amount of money its now called "cost per conversion" or (CPC) so I could get the best return on investment or (ROI) over time I optimized my advertising account and increased my bid amounts for each of my profitable keywords/phrases, in 2001 Yahoo bought Overture and that’s when my shit got serious, overtime my product line grew which now consists of my Music Contacts Directory called All Music Industry Contacts which I sell at a plethora of websites all linked together I call the matrix, my main website being, I also sell Music Industry Contracts, Non Exclusive Hip Hop/R&B Instrumentals, my own Hip Hop album, a book I wrote called Internet Entrepreneur and a whole line of music marketing e-books for example: How to Start a Record Label, Artist or Band Marketing, SoundCloud Marketing, ReverbNation Marketing, MySpace Music Marketing, Facebook Music Marketing, etc. I call myself "The Industry" it just slipped out one day when I was explaining something my mom I said "I’m The Industry" then I said it in a song, my friends started calling me that and it sort of made sense, google "music managers" or "record label A&R" "music contacts" " music industry contacts" as my company grew so did my skills and naturally my recording studio!

In 2003 I invested in a state of the art Mastering Studio, three of them actually! Long story short in 2003 I also used my companies profits and bought 5,000 shares of Google stock at the IPO price of $85, I knew it was a great investment because that’s my world, I skipped the part after Yahoo bought Overture my company blew up, well it went supernova in 2002 when Google came out with itself own pay per click advertising platform called AdWords by that time I had my profitable keywords on lock because I’ve been tracking my cost per conversion rates on each of my products since pay per click advertising campaigns came out in 1998, I’ve been at the forefront of business technology since I was in high school, luckily I’m a savvy enough businessman that knew pay per click advertising wasn't going to be the business forever so I started building keyword targeted websites optimized to rank high in the organic search listings for my highly profitable keywords and phrases which call the matrix because that shit is crazy technical and the whole time I’ve been taking over the business side of the music industry in my free time

What I was going to write was that I have been writing and producing my own music this whole time because I not only want to take over the business side of the music industry, but I want to take over the creative side as well. I wrote my full out bio on your page probably because I was feeling your post and your think attitude so I guess I wanted to inspire you with my confidence, I’m going to finish by telling you that I’m going to use all my resources and access to be the biggest independent artist ever in the history of the music business. I recently signed a distribution deal with Universal Music Group and I’m planning to release my 30-song double album, my new song is called "I’m The One" appropriate title don't you think? It's not finished but I am willing to send you a link anyway, so you could get the idea, dawn I can write my ass off. Please don't share this post with anyone because I must be low key, my story will come out eventually but at the right time by my publicist, I was living too lavish and learned my lesson already, last year I was robbed at gunpoint in my house for everything I worked hard for.

I woke up at 4:30 am with a shotgun in my face so since then learned to be low key and humble, I guess being a one in a billion superhuman creates enemies, I already know it creates haters, how is that for confidence, I have to wrap this up already, I have to send a new product update via email to 30,000 customers before I can go to sleep so I can wake up to mad sales, I really love my life, I know who I am and who I’m going to be, keep thinking ahead! Right now, people can listen to some of my album for free, google Ryan clement I’m sure my website will be at the top somewhere. If you ever need a job reference or anything let me know, I’m good for that, I can turn ordinary applicants into vice presidents overnight, I must get to work but I will send you those links, keep thinking big so you can have it all! Mama didn't raise any fool!