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United States - Ohio


Ryo Ohio

Ryo Ohio represents growing up on welfare in project housing eatting King vitamin and government cheese because your mother has 3 boys and 1 girl who she desperately struggles to feed,clothe,and shelter.Rising from poverty to properties.
Album Notes
Born in Washington, D.C. Ryo spent his earliest begginings in Baltimore Maryland.Troubles began when his young parents of three boys,marriage took a turn for the worse when his father violently took the children from their mother without her consent
And fled down south.Upon his capture and arrest, Ryo's mother then chose to relocate the children to a small town called Akron Ohio.Due to a troubled childhood and circumstances no child should have to face,Ryo began to get in trouble as a youth for getting expelled from elementary school an running the streets to saling drugs.Multiple prison stints ultimately would transform Ryo,into Ryo Ohio,who after going in and out the pen chose to pick up a pen and create art . A high school drop out,Ryo made it a priority to get his ged then attend college where he is working on his degree in music.RR Radio is his company and mode of travel threw the ghetto slums to the mansions where his robe and crown awaits.