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S.O.U.L Twin Messiah

S.O.U.L. Twin Messiah

The band was the organic outgrowth of the S.O.U.L. Documentary Team, Evan Hirsch and Kip Baldwin’s film production community. Since Kip and Evan are both musicians, and of course their films employ music for soundtracks and scores, they decided to write and perform the music themselves. Thus was birthed S.O.U.L. Twin Messiah! S.T.M. made their world debut by performing four original songs at the Peace in the Park festival in the Music Concourse Bandshell of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco on September 23, 2017 in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the incredibly eponymous Summer of Love that happened in that very place in 1967.

Why S.O.U.L. Twin Messiah? Since Kip and Evan had been dubbed Soul Twins by their dear soul sister Dr. Jamie Turndorf (author of the bestseller “LOVE Never Dies”) early on in their partnership, the first name they came up with was Soul Twin. Kip then added tongue in cheek, Messiah for a laugh. But when they both thought about it further, they realized that LOVE had just gifted them the perfect name! The twins both share the understanding that all beings and all things are inseparably connected in much the same way twins are, and that it is only by each becoming their own savior that humanity can move from their current story of institutionalized fear, to the Paradigm of LOVE.

S.O.U.L. Twin Messiah music is 21st Century Neoclassic Rock, paying homage to the groovy vibe of 60’s and 70’s bands like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin, and the energetic, passionate spirit of 80’s punk. Lyrics are a focal point for the band, intending to inspire conscious evolution and help manifest a LOVE Paradigm. Every song is a LOVE song that has nothing to do with romantic LOVE, but rather LOVE that is all encompassing, universal, infinite, and foundational to life itself (i.e. the organizing intelligence of the Universe). So turn on some S.T.M., tune into the LOVE they are sharing, and drop out of anything that does not inspire your consciousness to evolve toward a LOVE Paradigm!

The twins have to date written over 50 songs, and are in post production on an EP, including three songs for the soundtrack of S.O.U.L. Documentary’s soon-to-be-released documentary about The Venus Project called "A World Worth Imagining - Jacque Fresco The Man with the Plan."

Stay tuned for that and many more recordings soon…

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