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Salty Moses

I am from Spokane, Washington. I was born and raised in the area – spent some time in the Navy – am a war veteran – then returned to the area, went to college, got married and started a family. I’ve always enjoyed music however I didn’t start seriously playing music until one of my daughters wanted to learn to play the violin. I love fiddle music and we gravitated in that direction together. The Ludiker family lived near us in Spokane. Tony Ludiker was a 5 time grand national fiddle champion – and their whole family played fiddle extremely well. We took lessons from them and played in some of the fiddle contests in the area.
I’ve stuck with the violin/fiddle and taken lessons from other classical as well as bluegrass artists. One of these individuals taught me enough about music theory to enable me to write music. This song is one of the first songs I’ve written. I have a couple others copyrighted that I plan to have recorded as well. I’ve been a member of a couple of different local bluegrass groups.
When I was a kid I spent a lot of time during the summer at a place called Waitts Lake. My grandfather built a cabin there when I was around 5 or 6 years old. There were a bunch of relatives that all had places in the same area on the same lake. I became an avid water skier and attempted all kinds of stunts – skiing backwards – turning around on skis – trying to ski bare footed – trying to fly being tethered to the boat. My wife and I were gifted with my folks place on the lake and built a home there. Over the last number of years though – summers are not what they used to be. August used to be the absolute best month of the year to be at the lake. Now however August has become fire month. Forest fires were never a concern in the past – we never lost lake time because of them. Now the entire month of August is horrible. It is not safe to go outside and breathe the air/smoke. Climate change is responsible for this.
But it’s not just the loss of a month to fire season that makes me passionate about this issue. It’s much bigger than that.
I started writing this song during the summer of 2016 because of my concern about global warming. The rejection of science and removal of scientific data from government websites, related to climate change and the EPA, prompted me to complete the song and have it recorded professionally.
My goal is to bring about awareness and acceptance of this issue - and support for action to reduce the damage being done to our planet. I believe climate change is the single greatest issue facing mankind.
In the book titled "Seven Brief Lessons on Physics" by Carlo Rovelli states: "We are perhaps the only species on Earth to be conscious of the inevitability of our individual mortality. I fear that soon we shall also have to become the only species that will knowingly watch the coming of its own collective demise, or at least the demise of its civilization."
I hope this song will foster an awareness of climate change and prompt us to take responsibility for our environment. The future of civilization is at stake, and we cannot afford to ignore this problem very much longer.