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Sanna Carapellotti, M.S., Cht

Surgery empowerment is one of specialities I have to help you go to surgery strong minded and clearly focused on the task at hand.

My private work also involves helping clients neutralize trauma and upsetting life struggles, including inherited trauma. Using energy psychology approaches that are shown, through research, to be the modalities that are most effective when trauma has occurred, even is it happened when you were a child and is decades old. You can neutralize a life event that still upsets you.

My training and education are extensive and can be viewed on the 'Meet Sanna' page on my website. You can also read my personal information too.

Bessel Van Der Kolk, MD, Psychiatrist and trauma/brain researcher, reports that most people have had 3 - 4 traumas by the age of 35. Trust that you can heal, feel better and recreate your life when you seek out effective techniques for that change you want.