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Scott Olson

Unconventional. That’s the best way to describe Scott Olson. This Southern California native has been tasting music all his life, thanks to parents with great ears. The yodels of Jimmie Rodgers, the smoothness of The Ink Spots, the revolutionaries of the 60’s, legendary singer/songwriters like James Taylor & Randy Newman and anything classical, all continue to fulfill his musical notions.
His path to writing started with rough experiences that allow a high level of honesty through his lyrics. Lyrics that tell a story. That paint a vivid picture, you feel you’re walking in his shoes. Physically limited from major surgery and unable play an instrument, Scott relies on the endless gifts of an exceptionally talented guitar player, with whom he occasionally collaborates, and music loops.
He wrote his first song at the tender age of 10 – a love song whose lyrics were beyond his years. When you listen to it, you hear his yearning – a little boy so passionate and serious about his message, you can’t help but smile at his young, tender sensibilities.
Music strikes his soul in an emotional way - a smile, a tear, a feeling. It’s usually unavoidable. For the longest time, he didn’t know what it was. Why such a profound emotional response? But, after life had pushed him around, a bit; after laughing heartily with family & friends; after sobbing, thanks to a stir of the heart, he focused on creating original music. His catharsis.
Scott expresses love, battles demons and shares thoughts about the world around him.
There’s no telling what strikes another person, so he writes for himself.