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Church-boy with a pass of rebellious actions, gospel musician from birth with versatility of R&B Soul, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Pop, even country. Born and raised in FT. Lauderdale, FL by way of grandparents which were Pastors & Exceptional role models as well as an asset to my character & musical creativity today! Which inspired me to become a Pastor and Worship Leader over the years of serving. I can say a lot of good things and paint a perfect picture of my life, but my life hasn’t always been a clear glass. What I want my fans and listeners to know that they’re gravitating to an imperfect gospel artist with a pass of a sinner. However everything I’ve been through and struggled in deliverance for made me and purposed my destiny in God. My music will reveal the rest!

The music I produce to the world is self denying, spiritually revealed, real situational life music. My personality and character are expressed through my music giving it a great energetic feel with power of influence in any situation. My style of music is very universal and different designed to reach all genre of music lovers as well as expand the art of music, with the understanding of my music is not for everyone.
Life is hard but it's also what you make it, expressing my life of happiness, success and failures in my music is not easy but that's what makes my music unique, original and influential. My relationship with God has stretched me beyond my comfort zone in my songwriting, arrangements, composing and vocal ability which is off, I am definitely not a singer and in reality don't like singing but who's better to express my life and creativity other than me?....

My music is God giving, Spiritually driven, Humbly expressed, imperfectly living, my music is