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Shawn Malloy

Shawn Malloy is a musician/producer/singer-songwriter from Worcester, MA.

He started his musical journey playing guitar and singing for several bands in high school in the late 90s. During his latter years of schooling he began his joke grindcore based solo project "Spamicidal!" which featured not only his guitar playing and vocals but also showcased his drumming, bass playing, and keyboards. He also self recorded all of his releases using 8 track recorders. Malloy spent nearly 3 years honing his abilities on 4 instruments and audio production with Spamicidal! while using the internet to network and market to other like minded fans and musicians all over the world.

Post high school, Malloy joined up with several other bands in a variety of roles. In some, playing drums, for others singing and/or playing guitar. He even used his recording experience and know-how to record demos and records for many local acts.

Endless show playing, and recording found Shawn at the forefront of a large network of local musicians and music lovers. By 2005 he became a widely recognizable face in the Central Mass music scene.

By mid 2006 Shawn reached his breaking point musically. After more than half a decade of playing shows in over a dozen bands (8 simultaneously by 2006) he began to lose interest in the underground music scene. Playing in small local acts at bars and clubs every other day became more and more tedious. To put an exclamation point on those notions, his practice space was broken into. Over $2000 worth of Shawn's equipment had been stolen. Shortly after, he was released by 2 bands and 3 of his projects disbanded.

In the summer of 2006 Shawn Malloy auditioned for the widely popular Fox television reality show, "American Idol," in New York city, which was later aired in January 2007. He didn't advance to the any of the final rounds of the show, but a short clip of his audition was aired as the highlight of a montage of hopefuls singing Lionel Richie's popular song, "All Night Long."

After several disappointments with reality television, and his own self-propelled musical endeavors, he dedicated his creative efforts to a different outlet. Standup Comedy. From the Fall of 2006 to the Summer of 2008 Shawn drove to open mics and small paying comedy club gigs all over New England to solidify his routine. After leaving a small but noticeable impression on the Boston comedy scene, he quickly lost interest in the comic lifestyle.

Without a clear creative direction, Shawn to no avail tried to resurrect his earlier projects with other former bandmates, and he auditioned for American Idol once again, but didn't even advance to the TV rounds.

Soon the dawn of 2009 came and his musical vision started to become clearer. That January he began work on his debut solo album. Using all of his prior experiences with Spamicidal!, bands, audio production, and knowledge of the music industry, he began crafting a new breed of pop/rock music.

By 2010 he had recorded over 3 albums worth of brand new original material. Rock/pop music incorporating elements of all kinds of music such as Celtic Folk music, pop punk, rockabilly, new wave, death metal, etc.

Shawn Malloy's only plan for decades to come is to create great songs that know no boundaries of style, and musicianship. Expect many solid rock n roll records to come.