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I have found my light and would like to share it with you

There is always a solution. How often did I think the opposite! Sometimes we have to travel to our darkest spots in us in order to glint light to the spots which hurt and are most frightening. You will discover that it is not you, but your acquired pattern. When I discovered this I decided to walk a new path. The best teacher is the path itself. My path was as following:

Agony became sympathy. Pain became love.

Go and be observer! Be your own observer. This fact alone ignites movement. You yourself. You yourself observe your own theater. First view, than observer, than you can play. The arising options are unlimited

I carry more responsibility for myself.

I thought the other ones had to rescue me until I figured out that only I can rescure myself. You are the captain on your ship of life!

and what do you need to do?

LET GO! Cast off!
from all dead weight since your childhood.

Music - opens my eyes first and then my soul.
I have chosen music for my path of life. I established a band when I was 16. Soon after we were on tour and released records. A mix of wild life and earning money dominated my life for a long time.
I first came across Mantras through Deva Premal & Miten. When I listened their music for the first time a thousands stars started blinking. They enlightened my life and being without them would be as if I would be switching off the light. I found my life and would like to share it with you.

My name is Shoshan, an 'a' was swalloed on my path. The version 'Sousanna' of a hebrew name 'Shoshana' means lily and has egyptian roots
# 2003-2005
I enjoyed vocal apprenticeship with Walter von B¸hlow.

Released CDs with different bands and projects.
# seit 2006
I have discovered my affection to Mantras, Infos and learning
# 2008
Course leader in singing Kirtan and Mantras (BYVG certificate)
# 2009
Joint singing of Mantras in the Yoga-Hamburg facilities

Ongoing concerts at Sat Hari Singh at the Golden-Tempel-Teehaus
# 2009
Practitioner hawaiian message technique 'Lomi-Lomi'
Produced first album 'Lightwork'
Produced first single 'Gayatri'
More CDs in work.