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Shawn K. Sutton also known as Minister SKS is an awarding
winning Hip- Hop Gospel Rap Artist and motivational speaker.
Growing up without a Father (His Father passed when he was 3
years old) Shawn was introduced to gangs in the City of Chicago
at a very young age. After joining a gang Shawn would be
introduced to a fast life of drugs and gang violence. Fast forward
to age 17, Shawn was facing 25 years to life. It was at this
moment he realized that there had to be a better way. But, he
was stuck in the lifestyle he had grown to love. By the Grace of
God Shawn would get off with a “slap on the wrist” and
probation. This experience left Shawn searching for a better way.
However, he was seeking deliverance from a lifestyle in his own strength. As a result, he would begin to
take prescription drugs with an attempt to overdose and end his life. After this suicide attempt was
unsuccessful Shawn would attempt to once again try suicide by driving his car off of an embankment. It
was during this attempt that Shawn had an encounter with the “Most High God, Jesus Christ!” Who
would share with Shawn that the plan He has for his life was far greater than the one he was
experiencing! It was this Supernatural experience would turn Shawn’s pain into poetry. His poetry
writings would soon lead to hip-hop rap. However, his trouble did not end there. A few years later, he
would be entered back into the prison system where he would spend multiple years. It was during this
time frame he would meet a prison minister that would encourage him to try God for 30 days! The
minister would share with Shawn “stop looking to change yourself and allow God to change you”.
Armed with this advice Shawn found a new love for God and his award winning song “I Won’t Turn
Back” was written.
Since that time Shawn travels the country speaking to schools and church congregations about the
dangers of gang violence and learning live beyond the boundaries of despair and hopelessness. He
shares with others the same grace he was given at the lowest point of his life.
In 2005 he released his first single “Holy Drive Bye”. In 2003 he was nominated for Best Hip-Hop single
of the year through the Holy Hip-Hop awards. And in 20016 He won Blockbuster Best Hip-Hop Artist of
the year at the Block Buster Showcase.
Shawn will be releasing a new single “Stay” in 2017