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"I was singing in an empty bathroom having a great time, washing my hands while a male friend waited outside. We had gone to a real estate conference that had ended, readying to leave. When I exited, my friend and about 15 people, all in a crowd like formation, were there apparently, waiting for my exit. He said, "That's her" and they all started cheering me on. "Excuse me," I thought. "Are you people kidding me?" I was asked where I performed and if I had a CD! I was simply being my gleeful self, singing as I often did back them without realizing it. I was actually embarrassed. Never thought such a private moment, feeling a moment of melody and a few vocal intonations could be a possible jump to a career. A writer, a producer... yeah, will always be, of several genres. Low and behold, that event and a few similar incidents of being "caught" "being gleeful", landed me gigs."

SLWest's musical career started out as a songwriter/producer intern at SMI Records, Inc. before she become its Director of A&R as the company was attempting to move its way back into mainstream. An attempt that failed when its CEO, Will Crittendon, succumbed to a serious heart ailment, brought on by the aftereffects of childhood rheumatic fever that led to open heart surgery. The stint, lead to the creation of helping to establish distribution of a gospel and reggae album, however, in which one of the Reggae recording artist, Nicodemus mentions her on one of his releases as a homage: (she was in his studio session behind the mixing board aiding in production.) Sister Carol was also part of the crew during those days. The time spent at SMI Records Inc. also lead to the creation of an event called, "The Reggae Ball" assisted by her in which a rap and singing group of five members she was producing: two Latino males, two African American males and a female PR singer/rapper performed her track- 'Love is Calling' and more. Their sound was the forerunner to today's Reggae-ton and other mixes of Spanish, Rap and Hip Hop! No one was entertaining in their style. It was a huge NY event and well experienced in Brooklyn and the Bronx.

Many years later Sharon would begin entertaining around the Tri-State area as a singer entertainer, that included, hotel stints as a jazz performer and outdoor concerts at major park settings such as, The Dana Discovery Center located in Central Park, NYC with its major lake backdrop singing R&B and Gospel with a band as its second lead singer. She was considered for the Harlem Gospel Choir, but declined as she decided to venture more on helping to produce and book shows for mature artist and concentrate on her professional craft of film production, TV producing, writing articles and scripts. As she was breaking back in the business as a recording artist of original music a few years ago, a close relative and close friend became terminally ill. She opted to put all on hold and be their caregiver.

Now she's coming back vivaciously, working on her vocalization, writing and production skills starting with the release of this self-produced eleven original track CD that includes a homage, and newly remixed version of Magic Moments, to her mother who passed in 2017. It is an accomplishment by the artist of many to come.

"May you all have many magic moments in 2018 forward."