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FAN COMMENT: "Think of a singing voice like the late Karen Carpenter's with a British accent, matched to song styles ranging from British and Jewish folk to American country and pop, and you'll have some small idea of what Sonia King’s inspirational music sounds like."

Friends, whenever I read Bible passages and feel inspired by God, I then get my guitar and begin to sing the words I am reading. When I have completed writing my ‘new song to the Lord’, I pray that the song might, one day, be recorded professionally for others to hear, enjoy and be encouraged by. But writing songs was not always so easy for me!

As a youth in the '70's, I was very much inspired by BBC's 'Presenting Nana Mouskouri' TV series, which featured many world music stars of the time. I started buying Nana's albums and those by other artists like John Denver and The Seekers. I also began learning new songs in different languages.

A month after I began attending Church services in Jan. '77 as a teenager, the minister announced a 'Songwriting Competition' for Church youth. Excited at the possiblity of winning and having my song recorded on to vinyl, I began trying to compose my first song. All the while I involved God, asking Him to give me the inspiration I knew I needed. And, with all my heart, I trusted that He would indeed inspire me with a winning song. You can read more about this on my website. Certainly, I think you will find the stories behind the making of each of my four albums interesting and inspiring if you were to take the time to read them.

My entry was one of two chosen winning songs. Now, it was during the actual recording of that first song ('Blue Skies') that I asked God, in prayer, whilst still in the recording booth to inspire me with more songs to His praise and glory in the future and to also give me the means to record them, for others to enjoy. It was a small moment and a small beginning. How thankful I am for that opportunity.

In the years that followed I've been sufficiently blessed, financially, to be able to produce 5 CD albums of songs inspired by Bible scriptures for others to enjoy; -

'Sunshine & Rain' ---- (1984 -- Pasadena Calif. American studio),
'A New World' ---- (1988 --- London, English studio),
'A Time For Everything' ---- (1991) --- Edmonton, Canadian studio) and
'In The Light' ---- (2003 -- Brisbane, Australian studio).

And the very LATEST Album;
'Vision of Truth' --- (2015 -- London, U.K.).

With each album I always strive to improve on the one before. Of course, if more people choose to order my album/stracks then perhaps I will then have enough funds to produce yet another album! That is my heart's desire. I pray that God grants this.

During my College years, I was a group member of "Spectrum" - a mix of musicians of different nationalities, who oftentimes performed at weddings. During '78-'79 I was also a member of 'The Young Ambassadors' - a popular singing group at A.C. and played guitar for a weekly children's choir. I sang in the Chorale and played the part of Josephine in a College production of 'H.M.S. Pinafore' by Gilbert and Sullivan. At the end of my College life, I conducted a weekly, hour long broadcast, at the College radio station.

Although music has been one of my interests in life, I've also been a keen sport's enthusiast. After winning medals at 'Track & Field Day' in 1991', I received the trophy for "Most Valuable Athlete". Other interests have included art, photography, travelling and web design.

In 1988 I began writing hymns, two of which ("Be Not Afraid My People" and "Glory To Thy Name") have been published in a number of Hymnals and are quite popular.

Your kind support is, of course, much appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my songs. I am NOT a professional. I just do the best I can!