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Sonya M. Kelly, PhD

Sonya M. Kelly, PhD is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Spiritual Healer in Northern California. She received her Bachelor’s Degree at Pacific Union Collage, a Seventh Day Adventist Christian School, in 1986. From there, she continued her formal education at the California School of Psychology where she earned her Master’s Degree in 1988 and her Doctorate in 1996. Dr. Kelly began experimenting with adding meditation to personal Devotional Practices in the mid-1990s and began practicing meditation daily in 1998 using Nichiren Buddhist Chanting. In 2013, Dr. Kelly began studying Americanized Peruvian Shamanic Practices under Dani Burling, then in Sonora County California. She expanded her Shamanic and energy healing knowledge under the tutelage of Lynda Caesara in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area from 2015 through 2017 and continues to study under Norma Ramos-Ott ,CMT, in “The East Bay.”
Career Experience:
Taking an adventurous view of her career, Dr. Kelly has worked in any and every psychotherapy setting that she thought she might like and/or learn from as well as some she never dreamed to would work in. She has worked as a school psychologist intern and a family clinic psychologist intern as her practicums in graduate school; in a university clinic, inpatient hospital settings and day treatment (i.e. groups and individual therapy during the day and patients go home at night) settings as part of her Per-doctorial internship as Hahnmann University in Philadelphia; Community Mental Health doing individual, group and family psychotherapy; Private Practice doing individual, couples and family therapy in the early 2000s; and was a Prison Psychologist doing individual, group and crisis work first as a traveling contract psychologist for and then as a staff psychologist for 11 years were part of what she did was teach those inmates who wanted to learn meditative technique to enhance their ability to manage their anxiety, anger, impulsiveness, and depression as well as improve their judgement, goal setting skills and delay of gratification (ie. Work and save for what you want instead of steal). Although Dr. Kelly is adept at helping people manage/demission their depression, her specialties are stress management, goal setting and implementation, and helping people achieve and maintain a balanced life.
Personal Experience:
Dr. Kelly’s Personal meditation practices have led to her to develop incredible resilience and miraculous guidance that have assisted her in maintaining an active lifestyle in spite of what otherwise would have been debilitating childhood abnormalities, auto-immune illnesses, and structural injuries. Through these same meditative practices, Dr. Kelly became aware that it was time to share her attained knowledge on a much broader scale via this audio recording as well as subtly add them to her psychotherapy practices and techniques. Dr. Kelly sees clients in her offices in Santa Rosa and Petaluma, CA. USA.