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The SOULMATES' History - Mireia & Josep
"Someday, I'm going to produce you an album"

Soulmates is a musical project that was born on may 2012 from Mireia (Mireia Tortajada: Voice and composser) and Jus (Josep Roca Soler, music, composser and musical producer).

The project appears to fulfill the promise that Jus did at Mireia some years earlier. When she was only 9 years old, she participated as soloist in a song entitled “Se hará realidad” ("Will come true"), composed by the Jus for his choir “Cor l’Amistat” (“Heart of Friendship”), from which he was the director and she was one of the components. From that moment Mireia became a regular soloist in the choir and a few years later, Jus promised her: "Someday I will produce an album"

Years passed and the moment arrived, SOULMATES is already a reality.

At the end of the 2011-2012 course, both friends began to think about what should be their first work, and what initially had to be a record of versions, ended up being an album with 12 themes of different styles, but with a single that identifies this pair of musicians, called "LOOKING FOR A NEW DAWN".

The musical production, the creation of the musical bases and instrumentation was the work of Josep, who tried to get the most out of what each subject kept and wanted to express. The recording was done in the studio JUS Studio of Gavà, for almost a year and a half, which allowed to create an ALBUM; not a set of singles united in the same CD. In addition, they had the collaboration, in some of the cuts, of great musicians such as Marc Sarrió (Saxo), Bohdan Okrutnyy (Violin), Agustí Alcaraz (Guitar) and Lluís Naval (Drums).

After completing his first album, he decided to find a band to be able to defend his songs live.

On February 22, 2014 at Espai Maragall de Gavà, SOULMATES presented us his first album in his first concert and creating a truly fantastic show.

For a year they continue to promote their first album until in July 2015 they decide to return to the studio to create their second album "SHARING A DREAM"

On March 23, 2016 Sharing a Dream came to light.

The new album with 12 innemate themes has the collaboration of great musicians such as Jordi Portaz, Gerard Martí, Juan González, Javier Vaquero, the choir “Heart of Friendship”, the little one in just 5 years Mar Roca, the voice-off by Carlos Sianes and the new members of the band.

Sharing a Dream retains the essence of Soulmates, but it is a more mature work, keeping the bass lines from the first album but with a clearer presence of the guitars, which make it a more "rock" album.

On May 27, 2016, once again at the Espai Maragall de Gavà, SOULMATES presented a new spectacle, full of visual effects, with a dance floor and the collaborations of: Jordi Portaz, Juan González, Mar Roca, Carlos Sianes and the choir L'Amistat (“Heart of Friendship”).