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Southern Approach

Southern Approach is a six-piece band of Ayrshire musicians in the late Summer of life.

Davy (Munro) Orr - Lead vocals (original member)
Philip (Harky) Harkness - Bass (original member)
Sandy (Nid) Doherty - Guitar (original member)
Neill (Never Trust a Hippy) Ramsay - Drums (original member)
Shirley (Shirls) Guthrie - Backing Vocals (original member)
Barry (Wizard of Baws) Lewis - Guitar & wizardry (brand spanking new member)

They started life as a band back in 1984 when, as local legend has it, Cecilia, the goddess of music looked down on Ayrshire one fine day and thought that it needed "gothing up a bit", so she planted seeds of stardom in four young men and guided them to each other to form a band. They named themselves The Legion and they performed their first gig, supporting The Burning, in 1984 in a venue called The Gateway in Kilmarnock. They gigged around for a bit and recorded a demo at Scirocco Studios in Kilmarnock, but something was missing. Cecilia smote the lead singer with a non-ironic mullet and extended the guitarist's ears but no - it still wasn't quite right. Then, one fateful night, a drunken conversation took place in a local hostelry that brought forth two new members, one of them had a bosom and a voice and the other had biker boots and a guitar. The new, six-piece line up provided a raw and new energy to the band's progress but the path to local legend status was not a smooth one. The band endured one or two line-up changes, one of them temporary, due to a life-changing incident, but after a lot of hard work and a bit of angst, a refreshed and strong line-up emerged and they changed their name to Southern Approach.

Southern Approach gigged around Scotland for a few years and were winners of the Western SMT Battle of the Bands competition in 1987(?). They recorded their final demo at CaVa Studios in Glasgow as part of their prize. The band attracted a dedicated local following, often running busses to their gigs but eventually due to life changes, (marriage, relocation and parenthood) gigging opportunities slowed down and since life had taken them all in different directions, the band played one final gig in 1998 .... or so they thought ....

Welcome to our midlife crisis. We only planned to do one reunion gig, which happened back on 17 September 2016, but the response was so amazing that we decided to commit our songs to digital form in one collection and maybe we'll do more? Never say never.

Life is short, so buy the shoes, eat the cupcake and DEFINITELY get the band back together. Enjoy our last hurrah! Love, Southern Approach.